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  1. Feb 11, 2012
    I was never disappointed by the game. It took a year of waiting for the DS version to come out to get old. The game thrust me into colorful characters, events, and randomness. It was an amazing experience and I love the customization. The newer games are great, but the originals are always the best as they introduce the true meaning of the series.
  2. Nov 15, 2010
    Honestly my husband was begging me to play and i always told him not yet or not now then suddenly one day i played and i figured out this game it's very real and exciting, you don't have any idea how much make me sit and play for hours.This is the GAME you need to play and share it with your kids. i give this game 10
  3. Dec 4, 2010
    This was the game that made me want a Gamecube. I played it for quite a while (like, a few hundred hours over the course of two years), and even now occasionally play it a bit. No, there isn't a storyline, and yes, the graphics and sound are simplistic and weird, but I loved the quirkiness. Some people will, and others really will not.

    Either way, I actually have memories from this game:
    certain events and accomplishments, like when I paid off my house. A few things could be better, but it's sad to think that there really isn't anything new for it after a certain point. If there were something like episodes, or updates that varied the game ever so slightly every now and then, that would be amazing.

    The only negative, really, was that it ended. Sounds corny, but my opinion. Also, this game got me into ragtime music. lol
  4. Apr 18, 2011
    Animal Crossing is a life simulation phenomenon -- and one the most addictive Gamecube titles to date. Pros: Unlimited amounts of gameplay and secrets; rich, colorful visuals; accessible NES titles. Cons: Multi-player and accessories are required to access a lot of the bonus features; unimpressive graphics and audio; too time consuming for selected gamers.
  5. Mar 9, 2011
    Animal Crossing is still one of the most unique and charming games of the past decade. The amount of things to do, the real-time aspect, the overall design and the great collection portion wraps into a very addicting package. The graphics may not be fantastic or anything, but it fits the atmosphere of the game and fits it very well. If you have not yet tried it out, I suggest doing so soon.
  6. May 20, 2011
    With a ton of variety and depth in gameplay, Animal Crossing is a life simulation phenomenon that some gamers are STILL playing. Pros: Addictive and seemingly limitless gameplay; rich, colorful visuals; variety of things to do and items to collect; charming characters; lots of extras/secrets; additional NES games. Cons: Requires a GBA, link cable, and at least one friend to uncover all extras/secrets; dull graphics. Expand
  7. Jan 17, 2012
    Must try. The cuteness, the NES games you can collect and play, the furniture, and the trading. Animal crossing kept me hooked for a solid 6 months back in '05. Great game. Fishing, planting trees, all becomes so addicting.
  8. Apr 10, 2012
    This game is very entertaining and very cute! Each time I play I feel the excitement I felt from the first time playing. One thing I don't like about the game is how they promote the Game Boy Advance and increased playing. The game is fun for everyone; even my mom wanted to play. The soundtrack is by far the coolest soundtrack I've ever heard on a video game. The characters are never boring so it's really just one of the most fun games I've ever played. Expand
  9. Jan 19, 2013
    A charming game for the GameCube, Animal Crossing offers addicting gameplay elements, a wonderful setting, and lovable characters to create a relaxing escape into a world where you are free to roam.
  10. Aug 5, 2013
    Besides been the first life simulation other than the Sims that I have played. Animal Crossing was really enjoyable, the town you live in is really innocent, the towns people have emotions like actual people. The goal of the game is simple, the whole game is just trying to collect bugs, fish, fossils, and paintings that are all around your town. Things you collect go to the Museum first and anything you have left over goes to tom nook who runs a town shop. Tom nook is who gives your house upgrades and tools that you can use for cutting down trees, fishing and a net for bug catching. The game also has a lot of events that happen through out the year, also the real world and the in game time are both the same. They will have forth of July parties, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and any other holidays you can think off. The game has a lot to give, with more than one hundred hours of game play this game is worth a look at. Expand

Generally favorable reviews - based on 42 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 41 out of 42
  2. Negative: 0 out of 42
  1. 100
    While kids will love the bright and colourful characters and graphics, adults will love the subtle nuances of collecting, decorating, Feng Shui, natural history lessons and sheer delight of pleasures as simple as catching a huge bass in the nearby river.
  2. The game that never ends... So why is it so much fun to play? [Feb 2003, p.96]
  3. It's easy to see why everyone in Europe was importing this from the US; there is simply nothing else like it.