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  • Summary: Baten Kaitos Origins takes place 20 years before the first Baten Kaitos game. It explains how the diabolical Emperor Geldoblame rose to power, and it also fills in many details about the heroes from the first title. In addition, players will learn about the origins of the world itself and why the Lost Ocean is returning. The hero, a blue-haired young man named Sagi, was sent to assassinate the Emperor but found the job had been done for him. Blamed for the death, he's now on the run with two friends - a robot named Guillo and a young woman named Milly. In the initial stages, the player's party will progress in a linear fashion, moving from one area to the next along a set path. After playing the game for a few hours, players will acquire a ship that lets them visit areas in the order of their choosing, allowing them to either pursue optional side quests or blast through the main mission as they see fit. Unlike traditional RPGs, where characters gain levels in categories such as strength and agility, the majority of leveling-up occurs by procuring better Magnus cards. There are more than 600 different Magnus cards in Baten Kaitos Origins, some of which have truly fantastical properties. Players can acquire cards in many different ways, including trading, buying, winning as spoils of war or by creating them themselves. Collapse
Score distribution:
  1. Positive: 15 out of 21
  2. Negative: 1 out of 21
  1. With a lengthy 60-70 hours of gameplay, Origins is more than worth its value in longevity. Highly recommended.
  2. 88
    There's a fine line between "challenging" and "cheap," and there are some occasions where I feel Baten Kaitos Origins crosses that line.
  3. A huge rpg (even longer than the first, which was already 60+ hours) that lights up a system nearly deceased at this point in time. [JPN Import]
  4. Baten Kaitos Origins will not sway dissidents of turn-based RPGs, but the peculiar aura and lively battles are commendable, and its plot is strong in spite of its clich├ęs.
  5. I think that hardcore gamers will love the challenge and will most undoubtedly revel in the thought of out powering enemies with great strength.
  6. Value for the buck-wise, Baten Kaitos is awesome. The main game takes between 35 and 40 hours to play through and side quests could add maybe five to eight hours to that.
  7. Even though it pushes a new type of battle system, a huge step for any RPG, Baten Kaitos Origins reshuffles the series' deck and comes up with a hand that I wouldn't bet on.

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  1. May 29, 2012
    Probably the best RPG in Game Cube. Improves greatly the battle mechanics from first Baten Kaitos, the new system is faster and easier. Aside from that, there are some old scenarios and some new. Generally speaking, this is a great game, with some interesting story. Also, there are multiple tasks to complete that could force you to play for 60+ hours if you want to achieve everything. Expand

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