Chibi-Robo! GameCube


Generally favorable reviews - based on 46 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 31 out of 46
  2. Negative: 2 out of 46
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  1. 82
    I expect that too many people will glance at this game and conclude that it's not for them, simply because it's either too weird or too cute. Truthfully, it's both, but it's also a very enjoyable, fun, and rewarding puzzle-platformer.
  2. Playing Chibi-Robo can sometimes feel like a chore, but the game is redeemed by a great sense of humor and colorful cast of characters.
  3. Overall there is a happy vibe to the game that makes you feel good playing it. The weird characters and storyline assures that this game's appeal is not just aimed at a younger market. It may be cute but it's also smart, unique and challenging.
  4. Game Informer
    A dreary, joyless piece of junk that shamelessly tries to get kids to believe that cleaning is fun. [Feb 2006, p.108]
  5. 70
    Offers a distinctly Japanese-flavored experience for the GameCube, and those looking for something a little different could do a lot worse than Chibi-Robo.
  6. Quite possibly, the best game I've played this year. While it's not for everyone, those who are willing to look past what they could consider childish graphics, and an obsession with housework that's nearly as strong as your mum's, will find a title with as much heart as there is fun wrapped up into a four-inch-tall bundle.
  7. Really the only nagging problems with the game are the simplistic graphics and the camera, which sometimes refuses to go where you want it. If you're looking for something different from the norm, I highly suggest giving Chibi-Robo a try.
  8. 60
    If you love adorable Nintendo games that are meant for eight-year-old little girls, then give Chibi-Robo! a try. Otherwise, steer clear of this mind numbingly droll title.
  9. A unique gadget full of down-home adventure. The huge obstacles you'll scale in the game, however, are small compared to those you'll deal with while playing.
  10. 80
    A surprising combination of both weirdness and wonder, this should help pass the time between now and "Twilight Princess."
  11. Games Master UK
    It's loveable, yes, but those household tasks can be a chore for all the wrong reasons. [June 2006, p.58]
  12. games(TM)
    As with many Nintendo products, it's the 'feel' that sells this title. It's near impossible not to have fun while playing - even if you're determined to hate it - and it's one of those titles you've really got to play to understand. [Sept 2005, p.104]
  13. 60
    It may seem like a laidback, go-as-you-wish experience, but with the constant time limits imposed on the player it fails as both a relaxing and fully rewarding game.
  14. Edge Magazine
    In your travels you'll stumble upon and unfold an intricately spun web of character interactions, warmly drawn personalities every bit as rewarding to explore as the physical environments themselves. [Sept 2005, p.86]
  15. The only thing I could find wrong with it was the occasional issue with the camera, not allowing you to fully rotate it. The storyline is fun, even though it is lovey dovey.
  16. AceGamez
    It has its share of quirks that do frustrate from time to time, but in the end the sheer charm, originality and fun-factor that Chibi-Robo exudes are uplifting enough to easily earn it my stamp of approval.
  17. Electronic Gaming Monthly
    I have to hand it to developer Skip and Nintendo--they tried their best to get me to hate their new domestic adventure game, Chibi Robo. [Mar 2006, p.108]
  18. The best that can be said is Chibi-Robo may satisfy patient children. The rest of us will grow weary of the hurdles and slow text, and pull the plug to go looking for something else more our speed.
  19. Despite its few technical faults, Chibi-Robo is a deviously charming little game, with an addicting quality that makes it hard to put down.
  20. Nintendo Power
    It's not the most challenging game, but Chibi-Robo has a lot to offer behind its supercute veneer. [Mar 2006, p.84]
  21. Pelit (Finland)
    A cute little adventure with clever puzzles and little things that will entertain young players. It is a shame that the story falls flat before the end. [Aug 2006, p.45]
  22. Chibi Robo has a fun and distinctive charm to it. The characters are all a bit quirky.
  23. I can't praise the structural work and the interconnecting quests enough.
  24. Chibi Robo is a great little game, although can become more of a chore towards the end. Earning happy points for an essential upgrade to advance the story can feel slightly monotonous, and dulls the appeal of the first few hours of play slightly.
  25. A few problems keep the score from being higher, but both weird and conventional this is a fun title.
  26. Computer Games Magazine
    And it's another clever import from Japan that will remind you why you're not done with your Gamecube just yet. Last generation talent will always trump next-gen technology. [May 2006, p.90]
  27. An experience that you can truly get lost within. In truth, numerous pages could be written on the intricacies of what make this such a wonderful title, but that still would not get the sense of wonder across, or do the game its true justice.
  28. It has memorable characters that also help to make it a good game, from a dysfunctional family to a nectar addicted teddy-bear named sunshine.
  29. Equal parts kooky characters, clever game design and addictive battery recharging, Chibi-robo satisfies that part of all gamers that simply wants a decent challenge, no matter what kind of cute wrapping it wears.
  30. 77
    But if you love quirky games – the kind that usually stay in Japan, never landing on North American shores – Chibi-Robo is a game for you. It's fun when it gets down to it. Surprisingly so.
  31. Chibi-Robo is the first official disappointment of 2006, a game that is so monotonous and annoying that not even this Nintendo fan can put up with its BS.
  32. It sounds totally weird on paper, but as soon as I tried it, I found it grew on me really quickly. Give it a try, and see if it charms your frog costume off too.
  33. Cute, but slow and ultimately unrewarding, unless you're interested in becoming the best robot servant in the universe. Then it's the greatest game ever.
  34. An amazingly fun game that breaks the mold yet remains accessible and easy to pick up and play.
  35. 70
    Underneath its shiny exterior, it's littered with fresh gameplay that cleans up in the cuteness department.
  36. It has its share of quirks that do frustrate from time to time, mainly early on, but in the end the sheer charm, originality and fun-factor Chibi-Robo exudes is uplifting enough to easily earn the game my stamp of approval.
  37. Had the developers spent a little more time fixing the control and camera issues and making it in general more user-friendly, Chibi-Robo would go from being above-average to being great. As it is, it's still an original, fairly addictive title that has enough going for it to leave gamers satisfied.
  38. 80
    It is one of this year's stand-out titles without any question. The game play, interaction, and at times fairly dark storyline, really do add up to a superb little game.
  39. 30
    Cleaning in a video game is even less fun than cleaning in real life. Only a masochist would find this charming. And recharging little Chibi every five fucking minutes sucks harder than our Dirt Devil.
  40. You can make people happy without cleaning all the time. Truthfully, though, this game makes even that dirty work seem like good clean fun.
  41. A small robot with a big personality, Chibi-Robo breaks away from convention and successfully creates an absorbing experience which is thoroughly enjoyable from start to finish.
  42. While the game is fun, it can also be annoying. Chibi-Robo has a limited amount of energy and every few minutes must run to a wall socket to recharge, and he is often forced to return to his home base to rest.
  43. It's a great no-brainer game that's nice to sit and play while enjoying a cup of hot chocolate and some cookies. It's definitely not a game for those that don't already enjoy the odd quirkiness of the newer Nintendo games that have been coming out. [JPN Import]
  44. It doesn't seem like there is much to it but give it an hour to grow on you, its world will open up, and you just might be hooked.
  45. A really good game. However, it is definitely not for everyone, as the general lack of difficulty and slow start would put off many people, if the image hasn't already.
  46. NGC Magazine UK
    If you buy into the weirdness and air of wonder you'll find this as soothing as it is soulful. [May 2006, p.34]

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  1. TonyG.
    Mar 8, 2006
    this game is alot of fun. it is nice to see some quirky jap games come to the states. had a blast with mr mosquito, and this game in some way this game is alot of fun. it is nice to see some quirky jap games come to the states. had a blast with mr mosquito, and this game in some way reminds me of it. great for all ages! and it seems like these games should be reviewed by people who like these kind of games. not people who like sports games and such. thats the problem these days. opinions are like assholes, everyone has got one. Full Review »
  2. Nov 5, 2013
    Don't be fooled by it's quirky robots and toys: This game is actually pretty good. How they took a mundane task like chores, and made it intoDon't be fooled by it's quirky robots and toys: This game is actually pretty good. How they took a mundane task like chores, and made it into a fun, sometimes dramatic, game is beyond me, but those crazies at Skip did. It. If you (for some reason) are looking for Gamecube games to try, give this one a spin. It won't disappoint... or maybe it will... It's an acquired taste. Full Review »
  3. Sam
    May 4, 2006
    An abomonabaly bad mess that's about as fun as cleaning a clogged toilet with your bare hands.