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  1. 81
    Short, explosive, and a roller coaster ride chalk full of violence, Namco's stab at cop vengeance is a great time while it lasts.
  2. Less challenging but more accessible than the original Xbox version, and in the end, just as good.
  3. The run-and-gun portions of Dead to Rights come together so perfectly that you become enraptured by your ability to take down hordes of bad guys in classic Jon Woo style. It's these intense, visceral, wicked gunfights that make you forget reality and draw you completely into Slate's fantasy world of fast and furious gun-slinging action.
  4. Despite a number of difficult to spot and ultimately underwhelming "improvements", the Cube and PS2 versions of Dead to Rights remain generally engaging, with an uneven sprinkling of genius.
  5. If you're a Nintendo loyalist who's never experienced "Max Payne," this should be the next game you buy. [Jan 2003, p.102]
  6. The patches make the game more fun, less difficult (if needed), and surprisingly much better. If only some other publishers could learn from this example, ports may not be so bad after all!
  7. Dead to Rights though appears to have the right amount of each gaming component so that it's the closest yet to a big budget action movie on a home console.
  8. Nonstop thrills and intuitive play control. [Feb 2003, p.156]
  9. Where Dead to Rights really comes into its own is gameplay.
  10. Even at its hardest, the GC version is quite a bit easier than the Xbox version. Considering the challenge was one of the best things about the game previously, this is one of the ports biggest downfalls in my eyes.
  11. It's a little banged and bruised, but it gets where it's going.
  12. The action, story and move-set keep things moderately interesting, but after a while the woolly targeting starts to grate.
  13. Desperately trying to be hard-boiled but actually has more in common with action rubbish like "Minority Report." One for very forgiving fans only. [NGC]
  14. 60
    The novelty value of slow motion has worn off and it's not implemented here with enough panache to make it stand out. On the odd rare occasion you may find everything comes together to create a bit of excitement but these moments are too few and far between.
  15. If you're looking for a challenge, Super Cop difficulty approaches the Xbox level, and the truly masochistic can always use the Hard-Boiled cheat as suggested by Namco.
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  1. May 15, 2013
    Dead to Rights is a great game even though it is similar Max Payne. The mini-games are great and they are different from one another, the graphics and controls are good. Full Review »