Mixed or average reviews - based on 20 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 5 out of 20
  2. Negative: 0 out of 20
  1. A great leap forward for the Potter franchise, and a fun and inclusive gaming experience. [Jan 2006, p.107]
  2. The game changes a few of the things Harry fans have come to expect from the games, and though aimed at a younger audience, Harry fans will find a lot to like in the game.
  3. While it could have had more movie/book elements tied into the gaming experience, the existing game is fun enough.
  4. A fine, if not predictable, bit of movie gaming. [Jan 2006, p.49]
  5. Series fans will find a lot to love in this title, which offers an attractive, immersive, and most importantly, fun excursion into the world of J.K. Rowling's imaginative works.
  6. It's a worthwhile platforming experience for hardcore Potter fans, but some may be put off by all the collection quests and backtracking.
  7. 72
    The game's not perfect. There are some camera issues. Some AI issues. And I really would have preferred to have more control over spells. But it still arrives as a solid entry to the series. Kids will probably like it a lot.
  8. A game parents will be able to safely play with their pre-teen kids.
  9. The linear nature of the gameplay ensures that you will be forced into the various scenes as the director and developer intended. The puzzles and mini-games are fun but they are like eating candy floss; there's not much nourishment.
  10. Having three wizards running around and casting spells at the same time allows for some interesting gameplay, but you'll only get to experience it if you have friends to play with.
  11. Nothing more than a bunch of minigames that suffer from an awkward camera system. [Dec 2005]
  12. 70
    The constant action means the Harry Potter series has always lent itself well to the video-game format, and thankfully (albeit surprisingly) EA has mostly improved upon their winning formula, while upping the ante visually and adding welcome multiplayer features, easily making the Goblet of Fire their best adaptation yet.
  13. In the end, GoF is an action game aimed specifically at younger players. There's simply not enough diversity to keep a more seasoned gamer entertained for long periods of time.
  14. Goblet of Fire is the best console Harry Potter action game yet, but it's still a far cry from good. [Dec 2005, p.161]
  15. Somewhat annoyingly, the game often requires you to tackle each level a multiple number of times in order to collect items such as shields before the next area is unlocked.
  16. 60
    The inability of this series to learn from its mistakes is baffling. You'll often find yourself fighting enemies you can't see because some decorative element in the foreground entirely blocks your view, and you've zero control over the camera.
  17. 60
    A mostly average button masher that has the good luck of being associated with the hottest kids' property to come along in years.
  18. The highlight is a brief but thrilling broomstick chase against a fire-breathing dragon. An underwater interlude is less successful, although it provides variety.
  19. Seasoned gamers will find very little of interest here, regardless of how massive a Harry Potter fan you are (personally I love the books and the films).
  20. An unbelievably lazy title that just feels cheap. It has poor gameplay that the target audience will just fall asleep at, which only adds to the infuriating realisation that it will still sell thanks to the lightning scarred teen's name.

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