Lego Star Wars II: The Original Trilogy GameCube


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Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 23 out of 25
  2. Negative: 0 out of 25
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  1. You could play straight through this game in a few hours, or dally with it for days. Therein lies its brilliance.
  2. A wonderful game that rewards experimentation and co-operation.
  3. Official Nintendo Magazine UK
    Simply fantastic. It re-creates the Star Wars world brilliantly then adds a quirky twist to it. Easy to play and immense fun from the word go. Essential. [Oct 2006, p.86]
  4. It trumps the already brilliant original by being based on the classic trilogy of films and, in terms of gameplay, is the multiplayer co-op game of the decade so far.
  5. It certainly isn't gaming's greatest challenge, but it's absolutely fun. If you've seen the original trilogy, don't resist! Join the LEGOside.
  6. AceGamez
    With more meat than the last game, 100 levels of fun, unmatched co-op gameplay, the feature to make your own characters, the superb visuals and the funky Star Wars tunes, I simply cannot fault what's on offer.
  7. It deserves all of the accolades it will receive-the game has managed to capture the spirit of Star Wars while maintaining its own style and sense of humor.
  8. In a nutshell, LEGO Star Wars II is action, adventure, collecting, puzzles, races, mini-game, Co-op mode and your favorite Star Wars characters all having a great time. All you need is a copy of this game to join in on the fun.
  9. It's all cute and Lego-y, yeah, but this is also a thoroughly charming, satisfying and faithful tip of the plastic hat to the original Star Wars trilogy. The Force is strong with this one.
  10. 90
    Its kiddy facade hides some terrifically fun gameplay with a lot of meat on its bones.
  11. Nintendo Gamer
    Builds (hoho) on the brilliance of its predecessor with improved flying, busier levels - and all the best bits from the only Star Wars trilogy worth bothering with. Pure gaming. [Oct 2006, p.52]
  12. Play Magazine
    And, were it not said, someone would be drummed out of the union: The Force is strong with this one. [Oct. 2006, p.52]
  13. The familiar setting, the familiar story, and the familiar building blocks all stack up for one of the most memorable experiences in this generation of gaming.
  14. 84
    The bottom line is that it's a heck of a lot of fun and has a great amount of replay value beyond a single play-through. Best family game this year? Probably so.
  15. This is just a great game, hands down. It is a shame that some of the aspects like actually having to put effort into getting a Game Over remained put, but like I said before, this is a game geared more for our little brothers and sisters.
  16. It's a sequel to one of the most entertaining Star Wars games ever made, and it honors one of the best sci-fi trilogies of all time. Unfortunately, some of the design limitations might keep you from playing each level multiple times to find all the goodies and online achievements.
  17. With solidly rebuilt controls only a little marred by a still-fussy camera, LEGO Star Wars II is even better than last years prequel trilogy-based offering. And, as the first LEGO Star Wars was an amazingly entertaining homage to Lucas's genius, this sequel stands atop the original's shoulders as the pinnacle of LEGO Star Wars fun.
  18. 80
    It's a nice touch to actually have to build things in a game featuring building blocks, and adds to the game's overall tongue-in-cheek feel.
  19. Game Informer
    This entire game is held up by the comedy that it delivers, and as a result, I don't think I've laughed this hard in years. [Oct. 2006, p.95]
  20. 80
    Like any good sequel, Lego Star Wars II improves on the original in almost every way. But most importantly, it's about the good episodes now. For that reason alone, Lego Star Wars II is one of the most enjoyable games of this fall.
  21. 80
    Its enthusiasm is infectious and irresistible.
  22. The gameplay hasn't changed dramatically, but better source material makes Lego Star Wars II a better game than its predecessor.
  23. Nintendo Power
    LEGO star Wars laid the groundwork for a solid sequel, and LEGO Star Wars II delivers. [Nov. 2006, p.88]
  24. Electronic Gaming Monthly
    You have to give credit to the brilliant blockhead who forced this awesome yet fundamentally bizarro idea on LucasArts. [Oct. 2006, p.111]
  25. I recommend LSWII to those who really loved the original – for me, it was worthwhile to see all the cinemas and locations, and plenty of fun in co-op. It doesn't live up to the original by any means.

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  1. Mar 2, 2012
    It offers the same gameplay as the first Lego Star Wars but this one feels like an improvement over it. The game feels longer than the firstIt offers the same gameplay as the first Lego Star Wars but this one feels like an improvement over it. The game feels longer than the first and there is more to do. Its good by yourself, but greater with friends. Full Review »
  2. Apr 11, 2014
    This was the very first LEGO game I played back in the day and as I played it, I absolutely loved it! The fact that they took the originalThis was the very first LEGO game I played back in the day and as I played it, I absolutely loved it! The fact that they took the original classic Star Wars Trilogy and *ahem* "Lego-ized" it into this game is great. It has good humor during the cutscenes, fun gameplay and some great replay ability with the Free Play and such and overall trying to unlock everything. My only gripe with this game is that combining the main story mode together kind of makes a short adventure; but at least that is made up with the great replay ability. This is a great game and I thank it for getting me interested in other LEGO games. Full Review »
  3. KarlN.
    Sep 21, 2007
    An excellent game. Hilarious. Fun to play with kids and spouse. Lots of cute and funny details.