Madagascar GameCube

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  2. Negative: 1 out of 21
  1. Undoubtedly a fun little platformer. The game boasts respectable gameplay, and an impressive audio-visual combination, as well as a comical plot from the folks at Dreamworks. There's plenty to do in the levels, and plenty to unlock for a second play through.
  2. Much of the humor is geared towards younger ages, but there were still parts that I, a hardcore action and violence gamer, chuckled at.
  3. Even though the audiovisual performance could still use a fresh coat of paint, the diversified gameplay with distinct sets of character attributes leads to an endless amount of fun for gamers of all ages.
  4. There's a little something for everybody in there, including bitter ol' me, who's not too big of a fan of the type of movie/video game that Madagascar is.
  5. An inspired example of how movie tie-ins should be made.
  6. Artfully designed for a young audience, Madagascar will keep kids constantly entertained by serving up a wide variety of fun activities. The amusing movie characters and dialogue also ensure plenty of giggles.
  7. The fact that the game can be enjoyed by adults (provided you don't mind playing through an extremely easy game) as well as kids epitomises just how strong Madagascar is, particularly as it's a movie licence.
  8. Breezy and varied, Madagascar is not a game for the ages, but it is consistently diverting.
  9. But even with the mini-games and ability to replay the levels, I'm not 100% sure how much of an interest the game will hold. I wonder if after 2-3 days with it even the kids will get bored. For that, I say renting it is the best bet.
  10. Strongly recommend a rent for the kids, a buy for kids that loved the movie.
  11. 70
    It doesn't force you through level after level of mindless item collection. Instead, it boasts a number of well-designed levels that feature a variety of play styles. It's nothing extraordinary, mind you, and it's nothing innovative, but it plays well.
  12. What is somewhat surprising is that the gameplay is pretty solid for a game aimed squarely at kids, the voice actors do a good job of capturing the inflections of the film's characters, and the game features a nice boon of unlockable content to make up for the short quest.
  13. The gameplay is simple yet heavily varied, which in turn keeps the action fresh and fun. [Aug 2005, p.98]
  14. The single player section is short and simple enough for any youngster to get through (probably with a little help from mom or dad) and best of all, there are plenty of addictive minigames to keep players occupied after the closing credits.
  15. 65
    Not a long game. The whole thing can be finished in just a couple of sittings. However, fans of the film, both young and old, would do well to give it a shot, as it's an entertaining platformer that complements the movie quite well.
  16. The real goodness of this title comes from how close it is in feel and tone to the movie, and the cute little details Toys for Bob sprinkled through the levels.
  17. In the end, the kids will eat this one up. They'll come home from seeing the movie and play this game to death.
  18. If you can look past the somewhat clunky graphics and the very short game length, you'll find a well-made, creative title. [Aug 2005, p.83]
  19. 60
    It lacks originality, instead choosing to tack together a lot of undeveloped and tiresome gameplay mechanics.
  20. 60
    In fact, aside from the visual style, nothing from the movie is licensed for the game--not even the voice actors.
  21. And you should all be outraged by the blatant James Pond rip-off, too.
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  1. Adam
    Jun 23, 2005
    This game sucks but i gave a 10 because the movie sounded cool.
  2. Nov 8, 2011
    This is like any platform game, but it is still a fun little game. You get upgrades on the characters as you get farther in the game. You just might enjoy it. Full Review »