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    Unless you're desperate for a baseball game on your 'Cube, MLB 2K6 is probably worth passing up.
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  1. BrianK.
    Aug 30, 2007
    Unfortunately, it is essentially the only option for baseball fans with a Gamecube. The graphics are terrible. Fielding is a disaster. All too often, an outfielder will walk when you want him to run and use the turbo. Player movements are bulky. Players don't always perform like their attributes suggest. For example, Ichiro of the Mariners has a weaker arm in this game than Bubba Crosby of the Yankees. Diving and wall-climbing only work when the game instructs you to dive, taking the fun out of making such a play. In addition, animations for double plays are distasterous, with the guy covering second often jumping at awkward angles when there's nobody near him. In addition, fielders often take to long to throw the ball. Also, players get injured in the season mode nearly every time that they slide, whereas I have not seen a player get hurt on defense or while pitching in the 300 or so games I've played. Also, minor leagues are just holding places for players. You can't actually play with your AAA and AA affiliates. Lastly, argument mode doesn't seem to work in the Gamecube version. Fortunately, this game does some things right. The strange swinging system is somewhat realistic and original, but it takes time to learn, making pick-up games with friends difficult. Commentary is the best that I've ever seen in a baseball game. MLB 2K6 allows you to control a runner during an at-bat, which is a fun experience, but stealing becomes too easy with the AI's predictable pickoff tendencies and inability to throw out any runner who takes a big lead. Once a ball is hit, the pictures of the runners have numbers on them that can be changed with the shoulder buttons, influencing which ones run to which base. This format allows you to tell a runner to advance multiple bases at a time, allowing you to focus your attention on other runners. Pitching in MLB 2K6 is as perfect and fun as possible. This game is not a good choice, but there aren't many baseball games for Gamecube. I have also played MVP 2004 and that is so much better. In short, instad of getting MLB 2K6, buy MVP 2004 or MVP 2005 instead. Full Review »