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  • Summary: Midway Arcade Treasures 2 brings 20 classic arcade games back to next-generation consoles. This compilation includes such favorites as Mortal Kombat 1, 2, and 3, Spy Hunter 2, Gauntlet 2, NARC, Cyber-Ball, Wizard of Wor, Primal Rage, Steel Talons, Arch Rivals, and more. Each game can provide hours of retro-gaming entertainment. Midway Arcade Treasures 2 also features a documentary on the origins of these games. Expand
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  1. Classic compilations really don't get much better than this...A nostalgic dream come true.
  2. It’s a must for old schoolers and also a must for the younger generation so they can see what we had to play and how far videogaming has come in the last 20 years.
  3. Isn’t the best compilation that money can buy. For $20 though, you’ll be getting a lot of games which more or less function very well. If you are even remotely interested (particularly in "MKII" and "MK3") be sure to pick it up.
  4. The hardware that we have now completely blows out the circuit boards that were used in those stand-up cabinets back in the day, but inferior power doesn't make for inferior gameplay. In fact, seeing some of these games in their original forms is quite a hoot.
  5. A real gem for retro gamers. [Feb 2005, p.113]
  6. As with most classic arcade compilations, the games here tend to hold up pretty well, and for the most part, they're very close to the arcade originals.
  7. None of these games provides much entertainment value past ten or 15 minutes, and that's if you're lucky.

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