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  • Summary: MLB SlugFest 20-03 ignites America's national pastime with a torrid blend of aggressive, adrenaline-style action and authentic MLB credentials. Along with the series' signature brand of blazing fastballs, screaming line drives, and hard-hitting wall crashes, this year's Slugfest features more outrageous animations, fantasy players and stadiums, and extra DVD Content. Bolster your lineup MLB superstars, including Alex Rodriguez, and take your game to the next level. Expand
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  1. Midway has come out of nowhere to create the most entertaining arcade baseball game in years.
  2. Even though the game has a good mix of real and arcade, it may still not be what the simulation fan is looking for in a baseball title. Newcomers to baseball may get a little frustrated with it as well.
  3. The gameplay is simple but addictive, the graphics and sound will have you cracking up, and there are enough modes to keep you busy (although it lacks a franchise mode).
  4. A great action-sports title to just sitback and have fun with.
  5. 78
    The best arcade-baseball game on the market, but there's still room for improvement.
  6. The play-by-play is really funny, and I think the rest of the game is a riot. [Sept 2002, p.162]
  7. The dynamics of the game aren't bad, though they are certainly light on the pitching and heavy on the bat.

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  1. EvanB.
    Sep 27, 2005
    Solid game that kept my roommates and I entertained for hours!
  2. NaladO.
    Oct 31, 2005
    This is a dam fun game! Punching the basemen almost never gets old, and it's always better when u have a friend to enjoy it with. Even though it's kinda old is still fun! Expand

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