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  • Summary: NFL 2K3 upgrades Sega Sports' football series with realistic player animations, play-calling intelligence, and an on-the-fly audible system. With Franchise mode, you get total team control as player, coach, and general manager. A new ESPN broadcast system lets you review all the highlights from your games. Now you can track the best players, make the smartest trades, and build the most dominant team in the league. NFL 2K3 also brings you closer to the action with updated rosters and authentic stadiums. Expand
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  1. 100
    As far as the three main game systems go, the Xbox graphics—as usual—look the sharpest...NFL 2K3 is a straight-ahead, hard-as-knuckles football game.
  2. 100
    The best looking, most fluid portrayal of football you can find. [A: Sept 2002, p.50]
  3. If your looking for a game that redefines the football genre year after year, go with NFL 2K3. If you want a game that is the same every year, and offers nothing new, then go with Madden.
  4. 91
    NFL 2K3 has not only narrowed the gap between it and Madden -- it might have surpassed it.
  5. If you're looking for a pure sim with plenty of extras, plunk down the cash for "Madden." If you're looking to smash it up with your buds over Xbox Live, then NFL 2K3 is your best bet this year. [Fall 2002, p.106]
  6. This up-and-coming franchise has been breathing down Madden’s hairy back for years, and now it might finally have the ammo to leapfrog him.
  7. It’s the best looking, most enticingly put together football game this year, but playing it is about as enjoyable as watching The Jets get mauled the first few weeks of this season.

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Score distribution:
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  1. Jan 3, 2014
    Looking back 12 years ago, This game was a good successor to NFL 2K1 & 2K2. This game still sets some standards for football games today. One thing for sure is classics like these are better than new ones today. If you are looking for some old-school, retro football game on Game Cube: plug in 2 controllers, buy the game, enter the disk, and prepare for some chaotic fun. Expand

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