NHL 2005 GameCube


Generally favorable reviews - based on 18 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 10 out of 18
  2. Negative: 0 out of 18
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  1. For the second year running, "NHL" best encapsulates the play and and authenticity of the sport. [Sept 2004, p.103]
  2. NHL 2005 does have many things going for it, but it just is not as good as "ESPN NHL 2K5." There are no glaring problems with EA's game, but it just was not as fun as it had the potential to be.
  3. Add silky smooth animations and an addictive pick-up-and-play gameplay style and you end up with NHL 2005.
  4. 83
    Although a lot of the other pieces are in place -- Franchise, modes, and presentation -- the final product is a little light on gameplay.
  5. The actual gameplay is pretty solid throughout, the visuals are excellent and the rest of the presentation isn’t too shabby. That said, it doesn’t do anything principally different.
  6. Play Magazine
    The lax AI from last year's game has been stepped up...An improved Dynasty Mode and the inclusion of the World Cup of Hockey round out this great hockey title. [Sept 2004, p.84]
  7. AceGamez
    People who are looking for a fast sports game can't go wrong with this, but those wanting to upgrade might want to rent it first to see if it's worth their hard earned pennies.
  8. To be honest, if you’ve already own last year’s game, there isn’t that much of a point to check this game out. Why? Lockout. There won’t even be a season this year. There just aren’t enough improvements here to ensure your interest.
  9. This is still a solid game of hockey, but it isn't the most realistic or best-playing NHL title out there, and as such, it shouldn't be your first choice for one.
  10. While the control tweaks get props, the defensive A.I. has been cranked up a shade too much.
  11. Nintendo Power
    A great update of an established franchise. [Dec 2004, p.146]
  12. 70
    The new Open Ice mechanics allow for smoother, wide-open play than previous versions, and the Dynasty Mode is as deep and realistic as any I've ever seen.
  13. 70
    While the game's is an improvement over the 2004 edition, it's still not quite up to snuff.
  14. The ease of play, with the challenge of a good A.I. creates the perfect balance that not only makes for a realistic competition, but an enjoyable one as well.
  15. Electronic Gaming Monthly
    Flow? NHL 2005's skaters have no flow, 'cause they're always lying out on the ice from hit after hit - just like last year. I know hockey is a rough game, but c'mon, I like to control the puck for more than two seconds before picking up my teeth. [Oct 2004, p.99]
  16. games(TM)
    This is EA’s take on NHL action as it’s always been, rejigged with improved animations and new moves so it’s inevitably the best version yet. [Nov 2004, p.119]
  17. A decent title, but if you already own NHL 2004 you’re probably wasting your time and money for updated player stats, a token number of additions, and some new animations.
  18. 60
    The bar has been set higher by "ESPN NHL 2K5," whose presentation, sense of realism, and play modes simply outclass, outshine, and outperform those found in NHL 2005.

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  1. GeorgeS.
    Dec 11, 2004
    Great dynasty mode, only thing missing is create a player mode.
  2. JodyO.
    Sep 26, 2004
    Add chainsaws to this game and call it mutant league returns. First time i ever preordered a game and the last time as well. They've Add chainsaws to this game and call it mutant league returns. First time i ever preordered a game and the last time as well. They've been making NHL since the days of sega. How can they get it soooo wrong? Full Review »
  3. YiyiY.
    Sep 11, 2004
    It rocks.