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  • Summary: Get ready for a new role-playing adventure as Mario returns to paper form to stop a dangerous threat. In Paper Mario 2, Mario can dodge, inflict damage, and impress the crowd to strengthen his attacks. Also, Mario and his friends have more paper abilities. They can now turn sideways to slip through cracks, fold into a paper airplane to fly, roll into a tube, and more. They can also use a variety of items like hammers and thunderbolts to defeat their enemies. Collapse
Score distribution:
  1. Positive: 53 out of 55
  2. Negative: 0 out of 55
  1. A RPG that captures the excitement and fun of the Super Mario Bros series and combines it with depth found only in top-shelf RPGs. It all adds up to what is sure to be consider another Mario classic.
  2. Now that it has arrived however, we can safely say that it's firmly up there as one of the best games released this year.
  3. Hardcore RPG fans, wait for "Baten Kaitos;" everyone else, plan on following the most hee-haw-larious yarn spun in years. [Dec 2004, p.140]
  4. 90
    It mixes together some very well-designed elements, such as its battle system, level design, puzzle design and its funny, charming storyline.
  5. Retains so much of the original that anyone who loved the first one will still love this one, and anyone who hated the first one will likewise hate this one.
  6. Some of the story is a bit contrived and the game may give players a bit of "been there, done that", but it's a very fun game to play through. There are enough twists in the story and surprises to be seen to keep Mario fans playing until the very end.
  7. The art and combat are killed in their tracks by the game's downright shameful dialogue. [Nov 2004, p.158]

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Score distribution:
  1. Positive: 56 out of 57
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  1. Oct 16, 2014
    I was curious to see the reviews for this game and they are positive like I expected. I actually want to play this game again.
    Usually I have
    to pick on some flaw in a game, but in this one I don't think I can find one.
    The game looked stunning. Every bit of progression made me feel apart of this game. The concept was so smart and really fits well for a Mario title.
    Another thing I found about this game, is that it was quite dark in a way which is hard to explain which was certainly unexpected.
    There were also so many witty characters that made me laugh a lot.
    One of my favourite areas in the game is during the wrestling chapter where you fight that hawk.
    I may seem a bit strange when I point the reasons why I liked it
    1 - I was a huge wrestling fan
    2 - When you had to wait for your time to fight, it somehow felt good to be waiting in the locker room.
    3 - You didn't really know what was going to happen

    I also found the game very challenging aswell. You had to have great timing for dodging attacks and you had to be properly equipped and leveled to succeed.

    The wrap this up. The game looked beautiful (not a word that I usually say) but its true.
    Game play was perfectly balanced and a pleasure to explore the world and find out what it had to offer.
    Music was quirky and very Mario-Like. Music is a big check box for me in gaming.
    It had some strange humor which was quite subtle and mature. I really had to thing twice on what was said!

    10/10 masterpiece
  2. May 27, 2012
    Amazing game. One of nintendos best.
  3. Dec 11, 2011
    The story is silly, yet captivating, and the controller inputs utilized during the battle segments keep the turn-based battles engaging. The characters are charming, and I actually found myself looking forward to encountering new enemies, even the ones that were just recolored sprites (the Tattle bestiary system and the item library were also nice features, providing impetuses for scouring the nooks and crannies of the world for hidden goodies and ingredients for recipes). The platforming features in the out-of-battle world were also satisfying, and the abilities Mario gains and those that his partners grant him have imaginative uses. The areas of the game are accessible with very little backtracking, too, as new shortcuts are opened up to the player. My one gripe about the game is a trivial matter. At one point in the game, I became stuck in the Palace of Shadow with one HP. Unfortunately, I reflexively hit the first save block that I saw, not realizing that it would make getting out of there very difficult (I was pretty much in the middle of the chapter, and had no healing items). As such, a "Teleport to Rogueport" option would have been nice. Expand
  4. ArjunH.
    Oct 16, 2004
    It's challenging and fun.
  5. Jan 8, 2011
    When I was young, I couldn't wait to play the sequel of one of my favorite games so I counted down the days till its release. When it came out, I bought it and played it, took me a month to beat it, and loved it. I loved how different this was than the original. Expand
  6. Nov 28, 2012
    This game uses the same formula as the first paper mario game but perfects it. The battle system has even more depth with the addition of the audience and stylish commands.The gameplay itself is pretty much as perfect as the gameplay of the original. Although the game is structured similarly to the first paper mario game, as both use the storybook-like chapter system, each chapter is original. Chapter three and six especially change up the gameplay formula in an amazingly original way. The puzzles are better in this game than in the first, the bosses just as epic, and the characters and party members are just as characterized as in the first game bringing a sense of connection to the game. The main new gameplay element this game introduces is mario's ability to transform into various paper structures, allowing him to solve new and original puzzles. This game not set in the mushroom kingdom, but rather in an oceanside town called rougeport. This, along with the original chapter design keeps the game fresh. The game's story also improves upon the first paper mario. Bowser is no longer the villain, and you watch as he comedically tries to be one. This is all you need to know about the story, as the rest is revealed in the game. The end of chapter peach gameplay is back, but is accompanied by bowser gameplay too. The peach gameplay is once again the worst part of the game, but the bowser gameplay is very fun as you get to play several of the original super mario bros. levels as him. The graphics are very good and the soundtrack is very good as well, but is not quite as good as the original paper mario soundtrack. All in all, paper mario 2 is one of, if not, my favorite games of all time. The depth of the gameplay, wonderful characterization and level design from paper mario 1 is back, this time with improvements. The game also improves upon its storyline, poking fun at the traditional mario storyline of bowser always being the villain. If you can, get a copy of this game to play on your wii or gamecube, or get a copy of it for the wii u when it gets released. This may be the most polished mario rpg out there. Expand
  7. SteveS.
    Dec 17, 2004
    It is ok, but once you have been playing for a while you begin to notice that it seems like a gba game. I have alot of gripes. The dialogue isn't funny Poor inventory system battle system isnt all that fun Also, don't be fooled by the fact that this is a mario game. It isn't terrible but its not good. Not all games with mario are good! If you like mario and luigi, you wont like this because its worse than that gba game. Play that instead. Even if its for a little kid who doesnt notice flaws, it will be too hard for them. Buy something good. Don't be fooled by Mario. Those reviewers just slap a high score on all things mario. Expand

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