• Publisher: Sega
  • Release Date: Sep 15, 2004
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Summary: The planet Ragol is once again in peril. New character classes and weapons are at your disposal, but only your skills as a Hunter will keep you alive. Brave the depths of evil alone, or enlist the aid of three Heroes in split-screen play. Once you have conquered the Darkness, go online and take your experience to the next level. However you choose to play, know this: Evil has returned to Ragol, and a new adventure awaits.
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Rating: T
Developer: Sonic Team
Genre(s): Role-Playing, Console-style RPG
Cast Credit
Takao Miyoshi Assistant Producer
Junichi Takeda Program - Enemy
Mitsuo Abe Graphic Design - Action Coordinator
Kazuhisa Nishimura Graphic Design - Motion Capture
Ryuichi Yamada Graphic Design - Motion Capture
Shigeaki Nunokawa Graphic Design - Motion Capture
Masaaki Murakami Graphic Design - Motion Capture
Yasuyo Hirao Graphic Design - Motion Capture
Hideaki Fukai Graphic Design - Motion Capture(Lobby Action)
Nobuo Nakagawa Program - Sequence
Kenjiro Morimoto Game Design - Word Select
Makoto Suzuki Program - Enemy
Makoto Suzuki Program - Item
Ai Ikeda Graphic Design - City Manager
Masato Nakazawa Program - Field/City/Quest
Shigeru Ohata Graphic Design - Motion Capture
Tomonori Sawada Sound Designer
Fumie Kumatani Sound Creator & Designer
Yutaka Minobe Additional Support
Hideaki Kobayashi Sound Creator & Designer
Hideaki Kobayashi Sound Director
Masanobu Yamamoto Program - Character
Masanobu Yamamoto Program - Enemy
Jun Yamashita Graphic Design - Motion Actor
Wataru Koga Graphic Design - Action Coordinator
Tony Hosokawa Graphic Design - Motion Actor
Takeo Iwata Graphic Design - Motion Capture(Lobby Action)
Tomonori Dobashi Graphic Design - Character Motion
Shigeharu Isoda Sound Technical Director
Shintaro Hata Director
Yasuhiro Takahashi Program - Character Creation
Yasuhiro Takahashi Program - Word Select
Yasuhiro Takahashi Program - Word Select
Satoshi Sakai Art Director
Akio Setsumasa Program - Enemy
Akio Setsumasa Server Program Director
Akio Setsumasa Server Program Director
Shinya Matsunami Program - Data Saving
Shinya Matsunami Program Director
Shinya Matsunami Program Director
Shinya Matsunami Program Director
Atsushi Kanno Game Design - Battle/Enemy/Character
Atsushi Kanno Game Design - Scenario
Masaya Amano Game Design - Field
Asahiko Kikuohi Game Design - Item
Hidenobu Hasebe Game Design - Quest Director
Hiroshi Satori Game Design - Quest Assistants
Yasuhiro Imai Game Design - Quest Assistants
Yuya Kimura Game Design - Quest ASsistants
Ryuichi Ishiouro Program - Enemy
Ryuichi Ishiouro Program - Menu Window
Kazuhiro Tonogi Program - Network
Yuji Hirukawa Program - Network
Yoshitaka Kawasata Program - Technical Support
Wataru Watanabe Graphic Design - Character/Item
Yuki Takahashi Graphic Design - Character/Item
Yonosuki Miki Graphic Design - Assistant
Kobei Kitamura Graphic Design - Field
Bakae Tabata Graphic Design - Field
Haruka Haginoya Graphic Design - Field
Haruka Haginoya Graphics Design - Symbol Chat
Michio Abe Graphic Design - Field
Akira Mikame Graphic Design - Field
Miho Bonkohara Graphics Design - Web Design
Akikazu Mizuno Graphics Design - Characters Illustration
Masakatsu Inoue Graphic Design - Motion Capture
Hans Van Veenendaal Graphic Design - Motion Capture(Lobby Action)
Fujita Katsuhiro Graphic Design - Motion Capture(Lobby Action)
Akira Oohashi Graphic Design - Motion Actor
Kazuniko Shinyako Graphic Design - Motion Actor
Fumitaka Shibata Sound Producer
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