Pikmin 2 GameCube

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  1. 93
    Retains the same fundamental play mechanics and mission rules that made the first a hit, but also one that improves upon just about every aspect of the original formula.
  2. If you're a fan of the original game, picking Pikmin 2 up should be a no-brainer. If you haven't tried the series yet, Pikmin 2 is a fantastic place to start.
  3. Real-time strategic puzzling at its finest. Pikmin 2 builds on the original in ways you'd never expect.
  4. Nintendo has really stepped up to the plate on this one and hit a homerun. If you like the original Pikmin, you'll pee in your pants with delight when you play Pikmin 2.
  5. The concept may be just as extraordinary as its predecessor's, but with a hefty dosage of multiplayer and a quest that isn't as nerve-racking, Pikmin 2 is deserving of mainstream recognition and is easily the most noteworthy and praiseworthy GameCube product this summer. [Aug 2004, p.101]
  6. 90
    With the trophy-style attributes, some great little secrets to unlock, and the highly amusing two-player stuff, it's pretty hard not to fall in love with those cute little Pikmin.
  7. It is, as we tried to tell the blonde at the bar, universally appealing - because it's easy on the eye, taxes the brain just enough, and keeps you entertained no matter who you are. Blooming brilliant.
  8. 100
    While Pikmin 2 may be more of a hybrid remake/expansion pack than a sequel, it's still funny, fun, brilliant, and more daringly weird than what comes out of 95 percent of most major game studios. It's two of a kind. [Oct 2004, p.76]
  9. A wholly enjoyable follow-up to the original and manages to keep things fun for a long, long time with its lengthier single-player adventure, host of streamlined gameplay additions, and extensive multi-player modes.
  10. One of those rare games where the entire package comes together so well that it creates such a fun and memorable experience that you never want the game to end.
  11. 90
    As a sequel, Pikmin 2 is very nearly perfect; it refines the shortcomings of the first game while adding a ton of new elements, yet feels both balanced and polished. The attention to detail is phenomenal.
  12. For the typical gamer looking for something a little more unique, or for the novice gamer (maybe a girlfriend?) looking for something a little less blood-and-guts, Pikmin 2 just might be the way to go.
  13. The gameplay is more hectic yet still very strategic, you're no longer limited to only 30 days to complete the journey, the graphics are incredibly good and a beauty to look at, the controls are excellent and very simple (excluding the clunky camera controls) and now we have two incredibly fun multiplayer modes.
  14. There's something about the relative simplicity of the first one that mighit appeal to me more, but I certainly like everthing they've added here in this great sequel. [Oct 2004, p.70]
  15. I felt liberated by the lack of a time limit in the sequel's new cave system, and you WILL get addicted to collecting every beautifully rendered junk trinket in the game. [Oct 2004, p.112]
  16. A game that gets everything right; the puzzles are just hard enough to be a challenge without being too frustrating, the presentation pleasing and the control spot-on.
  17. With simple, yet bright and beautiful graphics, enveloping sound effects, a suite of new areas to explore, and the same addicting gameplay as its predecessor, Pikmin 2 is brilliant.
  18. Brilliant and genius are words that are often casually tossed around, but they apply perfectly to Pikmin 2. [Oct 2004, p.122]
  19. With tons of new levels, characters, and treasures, this game will have you coming back for more, even after you've paid off that debt. They've taken everything that we've held dear about the original, and expanded it throughout, making a more complete game and creating something that is a pleasure to play.
  20. 90
    Polished, addictive, imaginative, and fun.
  21. The game is simply a delight to play and look at, and even listen to, as Pikmin sing marching songs and squeal in agony while being eaten by monsters.
  22. For all of the fans of the original Pikmin, or any strategy enthusiast, you need to go our and buy this game right away.
  23. It's brilliant. Better than the first game, in fact. It's got everything you could ask for. More Pikmin, bigger play areas, dungeons to explore, multiplayer modes... but crucially, it doesn't feel bloated. [JPN Import]
  24. Even though it's most definitely a must-buy masterpiece, in my hard-headed opinion Pikmin 2 is still a tad bit shy of toppling the classic original. [JPN Import]
  25. Pikmin 2 not only improves upon the foundation laid by its predecessor, but wraps strategy, action and puzzle elements into one highly addictive and enjoyable experience that it seems only Nintendo are capable of.
  26. By eliminating the time limit, adding more and larger areas, and littering the world with nearly 5 times the original's hidden treasure, Nintendo was able to not only lengthen the main scenario's play time (now roughly 20 hours), but also make the player feel more comfortable with exploring the Pikmin universe without the time limit constantly looming over their heads.
  27. A work of wonder and magic that reinforces the idea that innovation and originality are both still alive and well in the world of video games.
  28. The game blends the best aspects of puzzle games with a twist of action and adventure, leaving gamers with a constant desire to play and control.
  29. The only problem here is that we have no full-blown two-player co-op. Other than that, this game is packed to the gills and well worth your time.
  30. Devastatingly deep, each level a Russian doll of gameplay, the layers of which are gradually revealed as you obtain different types of Pikmin. [GamesMaster]
  31. 93
    A must own, as it's one of the very best games this year on any system.
  32. One of the best GCN titles released to date.
  33. 89
    A solid little title, despite annoyances like imperfect control and an inadequate save system.
  34. Captain Olimar is now joined by larrikin Louie - a clever addition that allows efficient multi-tasking, more complex puzzles and absorbing two-player action.
  35. Utilising each of the five pikmin-type talents is fun; the pikmin are easy to command and control, and the multi-tasking with Louie adds a lot of depth.
  36. 95
    Without a doubt, Pikmin 2 is one of the best games available on the GameCube.
  37. 100
    Flat-out weird does not begin to describe this highly addictive title. You become so attached to your herds that it kind of hurts when you lose a Pikmin or two to drowning or carnivorous giant beetles. It's like losing a child. A fat, little purple child with a flower budding out of his forehead.
  38. 95
    On top of the game's extended length, Pimin 2 also includes much more content than the original.
  39. A sequel to one of the most original and well-designed games of all time, Pikmin 2 adheres to the ''if it's not broken, don't fix it'' philosophy, repeating the same formula with some minor tweaks and the addition of way too much product placement.
  40. If you can get by all the yelling by your pikmin and the constant self-calling of Olimar and Louie, you shouldn't encounter any problem with the sound.
  41. 9 / 9 / 9 / 9 - 36 platinum [Vol 803; 7 May 2004]
  42. Nintendo have taken the strategy genre into a whole new direction, and the result is an absolutely stunning experience that will make you sad to see it end.
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  1. Oct 23, 2011
    A Masterpiece. The Graphics are beautiful, the humor brilliant, the concept original, the boss battles epic. The Multiplayer and ChallengeA Masterpiece. The Graphics are beautiful, the humor brilliant, the concept original, the boss battles epic. The Multiplayer and Challenge Modes will give you a whole lot of additional content after the initial quest is over. The cuteness of the Pikmin themselves will draw you in to the point where it truly pains you to let one of the little buggers die. The addition of caves and berries, the new types of Pikmin, and more really add to the strategy. If Miyamoto could continue to make new IPs as great as this, Nintendo will be set for a very long time, not that they aren't already. This is the greatest game I have ever played. Full Review »
  2. Oct 27, 2011
    This game is just brilliant! this game is my favourite game of all time and so much better then the first!
    The Pikmin differ from each other
    This game is just brilliant! this game is my favourite game of all time and so much better then the first!
    The Pikmin differ from each other but a lot you also need a plan before entering a cave or your Pikmin will die very easily.

    The music is fantastic but maybe not as good as the first one.
    Now if you will excuse me I'm going to play some Pikmin 2
    Full Review »
  3. Sep 10, 2011
    I Haven't played the first Pikmin game, but if it is anything like this incredible masterpiece, than i'd buy it. This is one of the greatestI Haven't played the first Pikmin game, but if it is anything like this incredible masterpiece, than i'd buy it. This is one of the greatest games ever made to me. A fun story, great music, good graphics, great gameplay, and awesome concept Full Review »