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Summary: Captain Olimar has returned to the planet where the Pikmin live, and he's all business this time. The company he works for is going bankrupt, so to save it, Olimar must salvage the treasure buried all over the planet. Of course, he'll need the help of the Pikmin to do that--he can't do anything by himself. Control one of two main characters--Olimar or his assistant--as you command your Pikmin to defeat enemies, propagate more Pikmin, collect precious doodads, and solve puzzles. With unlimited time, new colors of Pikmin, and two-player cooperative play, Pikmin 2 improves on the original in many ways.
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Rating: E
Developer: Nintendo
Genre(s): Strategy
Number of Players:1-2 Players
ESRB Descriptors:Comic Mischief Mild Violence
Sound:Dolby Pro Logic II
Offline Modes:Competitive Cooperative
Split Screen Offline Players:2 Players
Cast Credit
Keizo Kato Progress Managment
Shigeru Miyamoto Producers
Satoru Iwata Executive Producer
Kenta Motokura Creature Design
Kazumi Yamaguchi Piklopedia Script
Shinichi Ikematsu Map Design
Makoto Miyanaga Map Design
Shinko Takeshita Map Design
Daisuke Kageyama Creature Design
Kenji Shinmoto Creature Design
Keijiro Inoue Effects Design
Shingo Okamoto Technical Support
Yoshikazu Yamashita Main System Programming
Shunsuke Makita Movie Demo Design
Kazumi Totaka Music
Kazumi Totaka Sound Director
Taku Matoba Level Design
Taeko Sugawara Object Design
Hajime Wakai Music
Shigefumi Hino Directors
Hironobu Kakui Technical Support
Super Mario Club Debug
Yuzuru Ogawa Screen Programming
Hiroyuki Kono Screen Programing
Yasushi Ebisawa Effects And Title Program
Naoki Mori Movie Demo Design
Takahiro Nishigaki Model And Motion Support
Koji Kitagawa Title And World Map Design
Minoru Narita Level Design
Yoshiyuki Oyama Creature Design
Satomi Asakawa Movie Demo Design
Atsushi Miyagi Map Design
Eiji Mukao Map Design
Tokihiko Toyoda Screen Design
Yutaka Hiramuki Level Design
Takeshi Yamaguchi Model And Motion Support
Katsuhito Nishimura Creature And Level Programming
Mitsuhiro Hikino Sound Programme
Takumi Kawagoe Movie Demo Design
Hiroaki Takenaka Total Design Manager
Hiroyasu Kuwabara Movie Demo Design
Daisuke Nobori Movie Demo Design
Hiroshi Matsunaga Creature Design
Hidekazu Ohta Treasure Design
Kenta Sato Debug Support
Masamichi Abe Directors
Chikako Nishizaki Model And Motion Support
Takahiro Watanabe Sound Effects Programme
Yuji Kando Pikmin And Game System Programming
Naoya Morimura Creature Programming
Atsumi Yoshimura Model And Motion Suppert
Takasha Tezuka Producers
Motio Okamoto Script
Michiho Hayasha Creature Design
Creatures inc. CARD E +
Tool support team Tool Design And Programming
Taksuya Tokunaga Brand Coordination
Yukiko Furuta Brand Coordination
Yuko Kuwahara Brand Coordination
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#6 Most Discussed GameCube Game of 2004