• Publisher: Capcom
  • Release Date: Apr 30, 2002
  • Also On: PC

Universal acclaim - based on 35 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 34 out of 35
  2. Negative: 0 out of 35
  1. The graphics are some of the best we have ever witnessed in a game to date, the storyline has been refined giving you more information about Umbrella and STARS, the game itself is pure genius.
  2. With better effects (the lighting and environments are better than some movies-like, say, the Resident Evil movie) and slicker motion-capture animation, the new, improved Resident Evil regains the throne as horror-action video game king.
  3. As much as I praise RE for the way it feels in my hands, I find amazing power in the mood and beauty of its images. There is a detail and complexity in the corners and backgrounds that we could never hope to expect before. [June 2002, p.58]
  4. 100
    Simply said: This remake is a horror masterpiece. [June 2002, p.61]
  5. Resident Evil on GameCube redefines fear...You think you know, but you have no idea.
  6. I have played RE on the PSX about 14 times and know it like the back of my palm, but this one still took me awhile.
  7. 100
    From the moment the first cutscene runs, you are totally sucked in. Your heart rate jumps as you walk through the hallways, and no feeling is worse than being out of ammo and wounded… everything about this game sucks you into the role of the characters.
  8. A survival horror masterpiece that ranks among the best sensory scares of any medium. [June 2002, p.148]
  9. You MUST experience Resident Evil. Swoon at the graphics, cringe at the gore and prepare your nerves for the ride of their lives.
  10. In the spirit of the whole new-beginnings thing, let me lift the poster-slogan from the old '70s horror movie "Phantasm:" IF THIS ONE DOESN'T SCARE YOU, YOU'RE ALREADY DEAD!
  11. If you've never played RE before, the remake will scare you to death. And if you have played through it before, it still will scare you to death! Maybe not as much, but you will jump out of your seat at least once -- I guarantee it.
  12. [Biohazzard] This is GC's real killer game. It's worth getting the console for and surpasses all that you could hope for from a remake.We crave the UK release like zombies crave brains. [GamesMaster Magazine]
  13. As was the case seven years ago, I jumped out of my seat more times than I care to admit. The suspense is far greater. The gore more defined. [June 2002, p.80]
  14. If you're a fan of Resident Evil then playing this game will be like a dream for you. This is how Capcom must have wanted to do it the first time but couldn't due to limiting technology of the time they got the idea. I guess you could say RE came before it's time…kind of like Leonardo de Vinci making plans for a helicopter.
  15. I still think this is the GameCube's equivalent of "Halo."
  16. Not only do the backgrounds look amazing, but their realism combined with the confining effects of fixed camera angles makes this the scariest RE of all. [June 2002, p.116]
  17. 91
    A masterpiece of macabre mayhem, encased in a graphical shell so realistic you'll be wincing at every arterial spray and brutal decapitation.
  18. You have to play the game in the dark, with the volume cranked up, to really appreciate all this game has to offer. If you're into scary games, you won't find anything better than this.
  19. While the controls can be frustrating, the creepy ambiance is taken to a whole new level. [31 May 2002, p.112]
  20. The original game looked great when it came out on the PSX, but compared to this GC version, it looks like "Pong"...anyone with even a vague taste for rotten meat should look into it immediately.
  21. This remake could almost be described as a new game. But is it really Resident Evil without the laughably bad voice acting? [Feb 2003, p.96]
  22. 90
    The prettiest, most atmospheric and all-around scariest game we've ever played.
  23. Everything in the background of the mansion hallways, courtyards, rooms, etc. is extremely detailed, right up to a little pile of dust on an old table.
  24. There's a surprising amount of strategy involved in fighting the zombies, especially when dealing with more than one.
  25. It is undeniably one of the best looking games ever made for any platform, period. The sound and music are appriopriately spooky.
  26. It starts a bit on the slow side, but I still stand firm in my belief that Resident Evil is one of the strongest video games on the market.
  27. 90
    For an intense night of absolute terror, this game will give you a gaming experience that you won't soon forget.
  28. It's a game dripping with atmosphere, literally, and ranks as one of the most impressive GameCube achievements in sound and visuals to date.
  29. With the exception of the dated control scheme, Capcom has nearly perfected its craft and created the best Resident Evil ever.
  30. Who would have thought that a visual makeover and a few gameplay tweaks could render an otherwise obsolete game into a incredibly entertaining experience that defies all expectations?
  31. An incredibly impressive re-imagining of a gaming classic.
  32. An engrossing experience with a horrific backbone.
  33. 80
    Capcom seems unable to accept the idea of user-controlled cameras of any sort. You'll inevitably end up shooting at monsters you can't see thanks to lousy viewing angles...Otherwise remarkable.
  34. 80
    While it's certainly pretty, its basic strengths and weaknesses still come through, just like other surgical enhancements in southern California.
  35. Unfortunately, this version of Capcom's seminal survival horror title doesn't play as good as it looks. As a matter of fact, it plays a whole heck of a lot like the original Resident Evil.
User Score

Universal acclaim- based on 182 Ratings

User score distribution:
  1. Positive: 74 out of 82
  2. Negative: 4 out of 82
  1. Oct 13, 2012
    Loved this game. This might be the best game ive played.i love all the horror,puzzles,and mysteries in this game. That is what makes resident evil...resident evil.i think its the best resident evil Full Review »
  2. ewm
    Dec 30, 2012
    Rebirth resident evil -super riddle and graphics!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Best resident evil from all !!!!!!Must buy all fans on GAMECUBE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Full Review »
  3. Dec 2, 2012
    Just played this game today. This is a true RE game, Not RE5-6. The fixed cameras which boosted the overall atmosphere. Moody and beautiful soundtrack. The infamous controls. Very limited items. The puzzles. Zombies that could turn into crimson heads if you didn't burned them/decapitate them or blew out their knee caps. Increased random Zombie encouters on harder difficulties. Real Survival & Invincible enemies. This was i.m.o. the best Resident Evil. Resident Evil devs today must buy a Gamecube with this game and Zero, play the crap out of it and then make a new RE game. We want to go through hell again! At least I want to after DS2 Hard Core difficulty :D Full Review »