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  • Summary: The Veritech fighter--a mecha capable of fighting on land, in air, and in outer space--is the only weapon you have against the forces of the alien, Zentraedi. As the intrepid fighter pilot Jack Archer, you'll control this powerful robot through more than 40 missions. With each of the 40 Veritech fighters, you can switch from ground to hover and flight modes instantly. Battlecry's combination of fast-paced gameplay, freedom of movement, and dramatic storyline make for a unique combat experience. Expand
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  1. 86
    If you like the cel shading technique, prepare to be literally blown away...TDK does a splendid job with the color schemes, and most of the little effects compliment the main graphics perfectly.
  2. Even my friends, those who hate anime with a burning passion have found love in this cel-shaded action game. Definitely the best mech game in existence.
  3. The best fighter-combat title since "Rogue Leader." [Dec 2002, p.128]
  4. Some might find the control a tad complicated and some missions overly difficult, but the action is very solid, overall.
  5. The story line and cel-shaded graphics are true to the Robotech animated series. [Dec 2002, p.216]
  6. 70
    This brilliant re-creation of the Robotech universe is a dream come true for fans of the animated series -- but it won't appeal to many others.
  7. Its somewhat sluggish controls, repetitive missions, and the near total absence of a sense of speed keep the game from mimicking the show's exciting combat sequences.

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  1. AndrewL.
    Jan 15, 2003
    It'z it.

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