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  1. 52
    I could forgive a lack of story, or even a resemblance to the show's fantastic sense of style. But, the fact that the game is extremely easy, boring, and annoying is beyond forgiveness.
  2. A thoroughly generic combination of beat-'em-up and platforming gameplay that draws upon only the most rudimentary elements of both genres and does nothing particularly interesting with either of them. Both exceedingly trite and exceedingly brief, Shadow of Aku is pure mediocrity from beginning to end.
  3. Where Jack fails to succeed is an issue that will never be fully resolved in gaming: repetition. Samurai Jack is the same thing over and over. It never changes, never evolves.
  4. An amazingly generic action title. It's a shame, as Samurai Jack is easily one of the most unique cartoons on the air today, so this could have been so much more. [May 2004, p.93]
  5. 60
    The game's lack of personality is underscored by its lack of difficulty. Playing through Samurai Jack is about as challenging as watching an episode of Samurai Jack.
  6. Exactly the game I wanted, delivered right when I needed it most...a great time with a great character in a great genre - plug and play, instant fun. [Apr 2004, p.56]
  7. A Zelda: Wind Waker–esque cartoony graphics style would have been perfect for Jack, who, now that he's 3D, looks kind of like Jay Leno or John Kerry what with his freakishly long chin. And the cut-scenes—often the only good part of a licensed game like this—are embarrassing.
  8. Ultimately, The Shadow of Aku's excellent controls, just-right fighting action, humor, and easy-on-the-eyes visuals do the Samurai Jack license proud.
  9. Flashy moves, stylized art and cool characters make Samurai Jack's GCN turn every bit as entertaining as his animated series. [May 2004, p.121]
  10. It simply doesn't live up to the show's reputation. It's not funny, the style of the graphics aren't the same and, even though Samurai Jack has some totally kick-ass moves, the game lacks enough 'wow!' factor to keep you coming back for more.
  11. 55
    Made for the hardcore fans. Everyone else is going to find a hard time enjoying its clunky gameplay and bland graphics.
  12. The game hits the mark in terms of Samurai Jack authenticity. As he battles his archnemesis Aku, Jack acts and sounds like you'd expect Jack to act and sound. Only cel shading, rather than 3D RenderWare-ing, would have taken this over the top.
  13. Neither the graphics, sound nor gameplay are categorically bad, but each is consistently below average.
  14. While Samurai Jack is an enjoyable adventure for youngsters, it is also wearingly generic and disappointingly brief.
  15. The trouble is that once you have got the hang of the swordplay, throwing stars and bow and arrow, it all becomes a bit repetitive, while the problem-solving element to the game provides little challenge.
  16. 75
    It needed more content and more effort. The mechanics of the game are good (for the most part) but the most impressive engine and artwork in the world can’t make a game excellent without any substantial content.
  17. Overall, you could complete this game in around five hours first time, plus maybe another hour if you want to bother collecting 100% items.
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  1. KevinN.
    Jan 20, 2005
    It`s just amazing! so many great moves and combos,when I was sick playing my old games poof! I saw it out of no where.It is a challenging It`s just amazing! so many great moves and combos,when I was sick playing my old games poof! I saw it out of no where.It is a challenging game too. It is definitely the best game I ever played! Full Review »
  2. [Anonymous]
    May 13, 2004
    This game is boring. It is easy and repetitive. It is such a disappointment (especially from Sega) .