• Publisher: Sega
  • Release Date: Jun 18, 2003
Sonic Adventure DX Director's Cut Image

Mixed or average reviews - based on 27 Critics

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Generally favorable reviews- based on 95 Ratings

Summary: Sonic makes a speedy return in Sonic Adventure DX, which features new missions and gameplay modes. This time, Sonic must enlist the help of his friends to foil the evil Dr. Robotnik's plan to destroy Station Square and replace it with Robotnickland. As one of six playable characters, each with unique skills and abilities, you'll speed through 50 expansive levels, bonus rounds, bosses, and minigames. In your missions, you can collect objects, capture villains, and race a track to collect hidden items.
Rating: E
Developer: Sonic Team
Genre(s): Platformers
Number of Players:1 Player
ESRB Descriptors:Violence
Sound:Dolby Pro Logic II
Connectivity:Handheld-Console Connectivity
Cast Credit
Jon St. John Voice Actor For Big
Takashi Iizuka Mission Mode Game Designer
Jun Senoue Sound Director
Jun Senoue Sound Director
Ryan Drummond Voice Actor For Sonic
Cord Smith Product Manager
Hisatoku Yamada Minigame Collection Director
Jennifer Douillard Voice Actor For Amy
Deem Bristow Voice Actor For Dr. Eggman/Robotnik
Takashi Yoshida Field Artist
Kenjiro Morimoto Director
Kenjiro Morimoto Mission Mode Game Designer
Kenjiro Morimoto Mission Mode Game Designer
Kenjiro Morimoto Mission Mode Game Designer
Corey Bringas Voice Actor For Tails
Michael McGaharn Voice Actor For Knuckles
Mutsumi Oda Field Artist
Yojiro Ogawa Mission Mode Game Designer
Hideki Sato Executive Producer
Eitaro Toyoda Mission Mode Game Designer
Kazuyuki Hoshino Character Designer
Takanori Yoshioka Programmer
Kenichi Koshida Programmer
Yoshiharu Kanai Programmer
Yoshiharu Kanai Sound Programmer
Hiroki Atoji Game Designer
Tetsu Katano Technical Support
Takeshi Maeda Programmer
Takaaki Kodera Game Designer
Yukifumi Makino Executive Sound Coordinator
Yuji Uekawa Art Director
Yuji Uekawa Lead Visual Artist
Yuji Uekawa Lead Visual Artist
Masanobu Yamamoto Lead System Programmer
Masanobu Yamamoto Technical Director
Daisuke Mori Mission Mode Game Designer
Masashi Kitamura Programmer
Yoshihisa Hashimoto A-Life System Designer
Yoshihisa Hashimoto A-Life System Programmer
Yoshihisa Hashimoto A-Life System Programmer
Junichi Kanemaru Voice For Sonic (Japanese)
Makoto Yonezu A-Life System Artist
Elara Distler Voice Actor For Tikal
Steve Sheppard-Brodie Voice Actor For E-102 And Tikal's Father
Takaaki Saito A-Life System Programmer
Takaaki Saito Graphic Engine Programmer
Sachiko Kawamura A-Life System Artist
Sachiko Kawamura GBA Minigame Artist
Sachiko Kawamura GBA Minigame Artist
Kazuko Ito A-Life System Artist
Tomonori Dobashi Character Designer
Masatoshi Yasumura Visual Artist
Takahiro Hamano GBA Minigame Programmer
Shigeharu Isoda Surround System Programmer
Shinya Matsunami Graphic Engine Programmer
Hidenobu Hasebe Mission Mode Game Designer
Michio Abe Movie Arrange Designer
Mizuki Hosoyamada Mission Mode Game Designer
Takashi Taketa Programmer
Kentaro Kiyono Game Designer
Kazuyuki Miyamoto Mission Mode Game Designer
Yasutaka Maeki Character Designer
Masahiro Hoshino Character Designer
Misako Ikoma Lead Field Artist
Tsuyoshi Enomura Field Artist
Hideaki Moriva Field Artist
Yoichi Takeda Field Artist
Makoto Shimoda Programmer
Makoto Shimoda Sound Programmer
Makoto Ikeda Programmer
Hitoshi Motoda Programmer
Hiroyuki Kikui Programmer
Yoshitaka Kawabata Graphic Engine Programmer
Koji Ogino Graphic Tool Programmer
Kouzaki Tatsuya Sound Coordinator
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