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  1. 88
    The team also did a nice job incorporating Spider-Man's day job as a photographer in the game's design, though it would have been much cooler if the pictures you took would actually save to cartridge for future viewing.
  2. Despite the rough edges, however, it is the Spider-Man character itself that makes Spider-Man: The Movie fun to play.
  3. An all-encompassing adventure that is just as complex as Spidey's console brethren. [June 2002, p.86]
  4. One thing the GBA version eschews is the spotty camera system that was noted on just about every platform. That's not to say things look bad on the GBA version. Things look really good indeed.
  5. The visuals are pretty darn good. Characters are large enough to see some decent detail, and they animate nicely. The levels are equally impressive.
  6. 76
    The potential is for seriously high amounts of frustration and tedium from being stuck in one section and having to play through the earlier sections of a level over and over. I would have opted for the ability to save incrementally.
  7. While the game looks good and controls easily enough in most instances, the weak AI robs Spider-Man: The Movie of much of its fun factor, being too easy for many GBA players.
  8. On one hand, Spider-Man can perform a wide range of moves that are easily executed but on the other hand, the levels are generic and require keycards and backtracking, ugh.
  9. Spidey's radioactive powers aren't enough to ward off poor collision detection. [June 2002, p.124]
  10. Playable, but far from great. [Winter 2002, p.34]
  11. 90
    An excitingly action-packed, senses-shattering romp that stays closer to its comic book roots than any other handheld game before it.
  12. The controls for getting Spidey to do all these wonderful things are finicky and inaccurate at times, making our hero a trouble to handle in places where walls are electrified or there are dangers like harmful mist or falling rubble to avoid.
  13. The game's plot doesn't follow the movie's, and those expecting a realistic, polished look to the visuals will be let down.
  14. 67
    The game also suffers from way too many cheap hits and bizarre, maze-like levels with no basis in reality. [June 2002, p.86]
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  1. Apr 18, 2012
    The game brings the 3D action of the Spider-Man game of 2000 to a new generation. the game's controls and mechanics are not as good as the open-world world games like Ultimate Spider-Man and Spider-Man 2, but it is still a fun game. Full Review »