Star Wars Rogue Squadron III: Rebel Strike GameCube


Generally favorable reviews - based on 36 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 20 out of 36
  2. Negative: 1 out of 36
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  1. In terms of Star Wars games it’s probably the most complete Star Wars package the gaming world has ever seen.
  2. 75
    While the vehicle missions are simply an incredible experience, the on-foot platform missions leave quite a lot to be desired.
  3. Edge Magazine
    There's a prevalent fashion at the moment for games to contain a multitude of games styles, a presumption that suggests consumers have become bored of single genre games. But Rogue Squadron III exposes the lie. It's a game that tries too hard to do many things, but only manages to do a few of them well. [Dec 2003, p.92]
  4. The good news: The on-foot segments are mercifully short. They only spoil about a third of the game. The other two-thirds - the deep-space dogfighting, speederbike racing, and other vehicle missions - are as thrilling and stunning as ever.
  5. Gone is the marriage of lush, detailed and hugely compelling space combat missions to key moments in the film trilogy, replaced by poorly put together ground-based approximations of the old style, and a series of gimmick-driven vehicle missions that barely even summon up an initial "wow" factor.
  6. 100
    There's a ton of content in "Rebel Strike," and the multiplayer gives it replayability far beyond that of the previous "Rogue Squadron" games.
  7. Choked full of quality gameplay, authentic Star Wars goodness, and loads of bonus content, this is the best Rogue Squadron game since the last one.
  8. Game Informer
    The butchery that Factor 5 has inflicted upon this game has led to a disastrous release that will likely be remembered as one of the biggest disappointments in all of gaming. [Nov 2003, p.155]
  9. Rebel Strike takes a rough shot to its power core with the terrible on-foot segments and short single-player campaign. The delivery and dogfighting is still top-notch, but they really should have just stuck with what worked instead of trying to add in unnecessary gameplay styles.
  10. 87
    One of the best Star Wars games out there and also, in the process, proves to be one of the best GameCube games out there.
  11. Sure this game lacks a bit when it comes to the foot levels but the other single player levels and multiplayer modes will make you overlook the issue.
  12. 67
    Have you ever played the classic arcade game Robotron 2084? Imagine a crappier version of it in 3D with horrible controls. That's what the on-foot missions of Rebel Strike are like.
  13. 80
    If it weren’t for the sloppy handling, Rogue III could have flown a perfect flight.
  14. A great game if all you're looking for is some TIE-blasting and AT-tripping fun. Having said that, innovation is not this game's strong suit. The new content, mainly the on-foot missions, only serve to detract from the rest.
  15. If SWRS3:RS were a person, I would have diagnosed it with a bi-polar disorder of some kind. Moments of sheer unbridled happiness come as quickly as they go, replaced with a gut-wrenching sadness that leaves the player feeling empty and bewildered inside.
  16. The graphics are quite the mixed bag, very pretty during most levels but yucky on others, something Factor 5 didn't fix because Rogue Leader suffered from this as well.
  17. This is the game they should have made last time. Gorgeous, sizey and ambitious. The new modes just need a little more tweaking. [GamesMaster]
  18. games(TM)
    Anyone who has played any of the previous Rogue Squadron titles will know what to expect from most of this title, but while its predecessors have been unadventurously solid, Rebel Strike is quite the opposite. A valiant effort with some wonderful moments but it promises more than it can deliver. [Dec 2003, p.96]
  19. Returning fans may find themselves wishing that the developer had instead stuck to the things it clearly knows best, but on the whole, Rebel Strike is a very good game that's worthy of the Rogue Squadron name.
  20. 75
    While the overall game experience ranges from frustrating to epic, there's something special about the title as a whole.
  21. Such issues with level design, camera foibles and other miscellanies were surely highlighted during testing. It is unfortunate that these were either downgraded or deliberately overlooked, but the damage to the series is momentous.
  22. The improvements to the graphics, the larger mission scope, and solid implementation of new vehicles all help to create a complete experience.
  23. As much as Star Wars fans love diversity, the ground battles don't live up to expectations. Developers have been trying to make a third-person Star Wars shooter for years. It didn't work perfectly in standalone games like "Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast." And it works with even less efficiency here.
  24. There are too many little things wrong with the strongest part of the game, the flight combat, to completely excuse the weakest parts, the third person missions on foot.
  25. GMR Magazine
    Topping off the game is the ability to go through all of RS's excellent missions in a splitscreen co-op mode with a friend. [Dec 2003, p.68]
  26. 83
    Between a superb two-player cooperative mode -- an absolute must play, in my opinion -- a fun versus mode, and a for-the-most-part engaging single-player experience, there's a lot to do and a lot of satisfaction to be found. And I don't think Star Wars fans should ignore Rebel Strike because of a few poor on-foot missions.
  27. netjak
    With the lack of really fun and interesting missions (I never want to have to say, “That’s it! If I have to protect one more transport, I’m joining the Empire!”), and the flat-out boring commando missions, this game falls far short of the high standards Factor 5 has set for themselves.
  28. Don't get me wrong, I love this game, but every now and then I get annoyed because someone is lighting my butt up and I can’t seem to find out where the hell it is coming from. I just wish that Factor 5 threw in a camera angle button so you can see what is going on.
  29. Nintendo Power
    The flying missions are fantastic, but the on-foot portions need some work. The camera doesn't work very well and you don't have any control over it. [Dec 2003, p.140]
  30. If there’s anything to complain about regarding the on-foot missions, it’s their embarrassing simplicity...but it’s pretty much unanimous that the flight missions and multiplayer are top notch.
  31. The best parts in Rebel Strike are nothing less than excellent, but the worst parts are so shamefully bad that they taint the entire experience. You can’t help but play through a level like "Trials of a Jedi", set on the planet Dagobah, without wondering what the hell the developers were thinking when they decided to keep it in the game.
  32. 50
    The inclusion of the entirety of the previous title, Rogue Leader, in co-operative multiplayer form is unquestionably a generous addition but, whilst great fun, it simply serves to highlight the fact that the slightly easier and less-focused missions of Rebel Strike are a step down from the earlier titles.
  33. Play Magazine
    The other big talking point of this game is the inclusion of ground missions, and again, I turn a slightly blind eye to the sloppy control and sometimes frustrating camera because these missions look good and are fun, if only because you are running around blasting Stormtroopers like you pretended to as a kid. [Nov 2003, p.68]
  34. The games only real faults lie in the ground missions, while they could have easily been solved with a little time from the developer and will probably annoy casual gamers they shouldn’t be enough to spoil the game for real Star Wars fans who should get plenty of enjoyment out of the games missions and bonus features.
  35. It tries too hard to be so many different things and ultimately falls flat on its face, very disappointing after the success of the previous title in the series.
  36. 60
    Rebel Strike's control issues and lack of a manual camera option bring added frustration to an already difficult game.

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  1. Feb 4, 2014
    This game has good graphics and dogfights but they failed on foot combat. that was one of the reasons i bought this game too. it had goodThis game has good graphics and dogfights but they failed on foot combat. that was one of the reasons i bought this game too. it had good fighting elements in the dogfights. Full Review »
  2. May 28, 2012
    Good graphics, like the previous game, interesting stories, and enjoyable air combat. Only problem is the ground missions felt quite bulky,Good graphics, like the previous game, interesting stories, and enjoyable air combat. Only problem is the ground missions felt quite bulky, and some of the other levels as well seemed slow. Other than that, a decent game. Full Review »
  3. Nov 26, 2016
    Ahh, memories. I reemember when I played this game all the time. The graphics are simple. The music is amazing. And the gameplay. ThatAhh, memories. I reemember when I played this game all the time. The graphics are simple. The music is amazing. And the gameplay. That gameplay. IS AMAZING. Full Review »