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  1. The developers have, perhaps through genius, devised one of the most interesting cooperative multiplayer elements seen in this generation.
  2. The problems with the game though far outweigh the positive aspects and whilst this overall design probably looked good on paper there's not nearly enough variety to sustain your interest.
  3. Isn't quite as good on the GameCube as it is on other platforms. However, the tardiness and the rougher edges are alleviated somewhat by a phenomenally deep discount price, as well as by some nice stylistic touches in the game itself.
  4. Cel-shaded in-game graphics and cut scenes give the game a cool, kitschy look. [June 2004, p.121]
  5. The driving and shooting found in Starsky & Hutch would have been a dream come true but thanks to the awkwardness of the controls for the shooting side of it you’ll be frustrated if you’re playing this as a single player experience. The missions can also become really repetitive and that’s too bad since there are a small number of missions that really kick asphalt.
  6. 55
    But after two or three missions, you'll find the range of missions is incredibly small, the gameplay is overly simplistic, and the style of graphics and dialog to be more of an annoyance than a cult bonus.
  7. Don’t. That is, don’t take a second look at this game – don’t even briefly consider it.
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  1. Feb 20, 2011
    I really can't find any reason to recommend this game, it commits the worst crime a video game can IT'S BORING!!! do NOT buy this game, you will regret it. Full Review »