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  • Summary: Receive Four Complete Classic Zelda games all on one disc when you buy the Zelda GameCube Bundle: The Legend of Zelda, Zelda II - The adventure of Link, The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask. The disc also includes: Playable Demo of the Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker, Zelda Retrospective Movie, The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker Movie Preview. Expand
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  1. 100
    Analog stick feels and moves much better than the N64's, so moving Link is pretty easy. Lastly, the famous "Z targeting" system has been replaced with the L shoulder button taking on the targeting duties. All in all, the control scheme is near flawless.
  2. This is the greatest collection of games, ever, bar none.
  3. 100
    If games were Norse gods, this would be Odin. Get it now. Thank me later.
  4. A great introduction to one of the most successful and innovative game franchises of all time. [Jan 2004, p.159]
  5. It's nice to see Nintendo giving away such high quality freebies like this. I'm sure I speak for all of us when I say, "We want more!"
  6. As a pack-in bonus, it's excellent -- we really can't think of a pack-in game in recent history that has this much pure playability, albeit from games that are now somewhat aged.
  7. There's a gaping hole that prevents the collection from being complete, and that hole is "The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past." Many older gamers consider it the best title in the series.

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  1. Positive: 39 out of 42
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  1. Mar 2, 2012
    This game offers you almost the whole Zelda experience in one game. Each game responds exactly like they do from other consoles. If you ever find this collection anywhere, get it! You won't be dissappointed! Expand
  2. Nov 6, 2013
    A great collection with 4 classics. The best buy for the GameCube.

    The legend of Zelda: a true classic and still fun to play today! Only
    for die-hards though, as it is not easy. 8.5/10

    Zelda II: the Adventures of Link. A different approach to the franchise as it's a sidescroller that feels like Castlevania or Metroid. It hasn't aged as well as the first but for the time it was a great adventure! 7.5/10

    Ocarina of Time. 10/10 best game ever for a reason.

    Majora's Mask. 10/10 my favourite game of all time. If you really dig for it you will find all kinds of hidden themes to a depth I've never experienced in a game. Myamoto's hidden masterpiece.
  3. Jerry
    Jan 6, 2004
    This is just the best cd i have on gc....the suprising wayz the makers varied all zelda games just makes it a classic..
  4. JordanKnight
    Jan 7, 2007
    Brilliant disk featuring some of the best Zeldas ever, OoT, MM and the originals, what more could you ask for eh.... definitely gets my vote of 10.
  5. MichelleL.
    Oct 14, 2006
    I love Zelda so I love this game. The only disappointment I had was that my all time favorite Zelda was not on this disc. I don't care for Zelda II and wish it had been left off and in it's place should be the SNES game "A Link to the Past". Expand
  6. ShaneK.
    Jan 3, 2008
    The absence of "A Link to the Past" was disappointing and it wasn't nice to use the gamecube controller with The NES titles. However, Ocarina of Time and Majora's Mask work great with the gamecube controller. An excellent collection with just some minor flaws. Collapse
  7. TheoM
    Jan 3, 2009
    What a disaster! I hate this collection. I think it had four titles: The Legend of Zelda, Zelda II, Zelda: Wind Waker and I think the fourth game is Zelda: Ocerina of Time, plus some extra features, including a demo of another game. I played Wind Waker, but no doubt-I HATED IT. That made me stop the whole collection altogether. Now I want to give away the Zelda Collection game and get Mario Sunshine or The Simpsons Road Rage! Daddy gave this to me as a christmas present. So: Never ever buy this to your son or daughter as a christmas present. Expand

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