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  • Summary: The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles return in their first party game experience. Gather your friends to join you in a variety of minigames and adventures that feature more than 20 playable characters, including all four turtles, Casey Jones, April O'Neil, Master Splinter, and even the evil Shredder. TMNT Mutant Melee features two modes--adventure story and melee match--which are playable either solo or with up to three other players. In each mode, you can collect tokens to unlock additional content. Expand
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  1. It's not going to be winning any awards, but it's an entertaining gameplay experience packaged alongside a virtual vault of nostalgia, and worth at least a glance for fans of the genre or the characters.
  2. Repetitious button-mashing gameplay that rarely engages the brain is the undertone of this title.
  3. It's just passable, really, but I don't think Master Splinter would approve wholeheartedly, even with a decent price point of $20.
  4. This is an incredibly slapdash and barren game that has absolutely nothing to offer you beyond monotonous, almost-broken fighting mechanics, tiny environments, and a bunch of lame unlockables.
  5. The gameplay just seemed so bland and boring that I really don't think I ever enjoyed this game.
  6. It's hard to find the fun in Mutant Melee, whether playing alone or with friends. [May 2005, p.54]
  7. 20
    This is some of the weakest, button-mashy gameplay you'll ever experience.

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  1. RichardS.
    Sep 12, 2007
    I loved the old tmnt games for nintendo and super nintendo. I grew up playing them. What a disapointment for a game. Not at all what i expected it to be. Expand