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  1. Bland environments and dull gameplay leave Rainbow Six 3 feeling disappointingly empty. If the AI was more realistic and there was some texture in the worlds this would have been much better.
  2. While certainly a good game, the fact that it is overshadowed by its other iterations leaves a feeling of expectance. Rainbow Six 3 does deliver but those with more than one system at home will like want to pick up a different version of the game.
  3. It's marred by substandard graphical performance, long loading times, and artificial intelligence issues, and it simply isn't as impressive as its counterparts on other platforms. On its own merits, though, it can still be a tense and exciting first-person shooting experience.
  4. 65
    [The GCN version] has ejected what was the big draw of the Xbox original: the online functionality. It's kind of like taking the meat out of the hamburger. What's left is a single-player-emphasized shooter that's still intriguing and fun, if a little clunky, but nonetheless only a fraction of what it might have been.
  5. In trying to be both a realistic squad based game and an arcade shooter, Rainbow Six 3 has sub-machine gunned itself in the foot, making too many concessions to each style to play very proficiently in its own right.
  6. A game that screams "missed opportunity". This is a flawed and lazy port of a great game.
  7. A nice game, but it doesn't offer enough to be anywhere near special. The AI is not above average and the lack of online modes hurts the longevity.
  8. There is just too much missing here for this game to become a permanent fixture in your game library.
  9. The good graphics, great gameplay, excellent sound effects and music add up to a solid, enjoyable title. However the questionable AI, lack of multiplayer options and repetitive difficulty might have some gamers looking for their own escape route.
  10. The exclusion of online play destroys any replay value this game may have though.
  11. Nintendo Power
    A slow, uninteresting first-person shooter with long load times, poor AI and a love of doors that borders on obsessive. This game should actually be called "Door Opening Simulator 4000." [Aug 2004, p.121]
  12. This game is simply sub-par to it's Xbox counterpart, and for that matter the PS2 version as well.
  13. It's far from perfect, but still a classy title.
  14. It's odd that a series I regard so highly would be repackaged into a huge mess of a port. It's a shame that the game arrived to Nintendo's platform in such poor form.
  15. Plugging terrorists is always fun, and the game is certainly worth a look if you don't own either the Xbox or PS2 versions, but the lack of online play makes the GameCube version the weakest of the three editions available.
  16. If you're looking for a fun shooter, and all you've got is a GameCube, this game would be worth picking up on the cheap, but if you can play it on any other system, then by all means do so.
  17. While the GameCube has several genres it excels at, the tactical shooter field clearly isn't one of them. [Sept 2004, p.112]

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  1. AustinR.
    Jul 3, 2005
    It was a great game but im into blod and gore in a video game and this didnt quite cut it!
  2. BurtS.
    Aug 13, 2004
    You arnt going to get much better than this for a realistic FPS for the cube. Yes it does have its issues, like the long loading times, some You arnt going to get much better than this for a realistic FPS for the cube. Yes it does have its issues, like the long loading times, some AI problems here and there, but dispite some of thoughs things, the game is preaty fun. This game is not near as a disapontment like ghost recon, and sum of all fears, which were horible games. The team AI in my opion is ok, it could be better, but you team at least is able to defend themselfs, and do some work for you, overall, I say that its a good game. Full Review »