Tony Hawk's Underground GameCube


Generally favorable reviews - based on 19 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 19 out of 19
  2. Mixed: 0 out of 19
  3. Negative: 0 out of 19
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  1. 92
    The gameplay is still as stellar as ever: Neversoft's brilliant collage of on-the-fly experimentation and lighting-fast trick-popping is still as addictive as any drug and as intoxicating as any exotic woman.
  2. While the classic Tony Hawk gameplay is present, and still fantastic after all this time, the new story mode doesn't make as dramatic of a change as it probably could have.
  3. With its great innovations, high level of polish, and great level design and objectives - not to mention the load of customization options - I simply couldn't put it down.
  4. Game Informer
    This version has all of the things I both loved and hated about Underground - the awesome levels, the annoying story, the untouchable gameplay, and the inconsistently structured level goals. [Feb 2004, p.105]
  5. 90
    The most notable disappointment is the lack of any online content. Yep, only PS2 THUGers have the ability to map their own face into the game and play multiplayer sessions online. But still, THUG for the 'Cube remains one of the best games you'll play this year.
  6. It’s a massive, exceptional product that expands every aspect of its predecessors without sacrificing much, though it’s a better game on the PS2 than the Xbox or Gamecube thanks to its great online functionality.
  7. With an enormous amount of customizable options, absorbing story mode and large mod community, T.H.U.G. provides just about anything a gamer could want in a skateboarding title without grabbing a board and hitting the streets. Combine that with the ability to "place" yourself into the game with the face mapping feature, and you have a product that could easily be considered one of the best games of the year.
  8. games(TM)
    Year on year, the main modes in the THPS games have moved further away from traditional over-the-top skating to encompass more and more 'crazy' goals, something we're not entirely sure we approve of. One thing we are sure of, though, is that the core skating engine makes for by far the best extreme sports game of this generation. [Christmas 2003, p.98]
  9. Play Magazine
    The game is so fun and addicting, and the environments so brimming with goodness, you'll care not. Too bad the art is lacking. [Jan 2004, p.64]
  10. Electronic Gaming Monthly
    While THUG offers some innovation, it remains fundamentally the same game...Fundamantally, Hawk hasn't evolved enough. [Jan 2004, p.112]
  11. 90
    The best skateboarding game out there and it's much more than Tony Hawk 4 ever was. That being said, while some of the new features are great, others just aren't up to the level of quality that we've come to expect from Neversoft.
  12. Nintendo Power
    Play control and graphics are on par wth those of previous Tony Hawk games. [Jan 2004, p.160]
  13. This game rocks! It is like "Grand Theft Auto 3" on a skateboard! I am so glad the developers chose to go in a new direction with the Tony Hawk franchise! This game is by far the best of all 5 titles to date!
  14. For immersing entertainment, this game is totally up our halfpipe.
  15. The multiplayer will ensure you and your friends will have as much fun with Underground as you did with previous games, and the single-player is a different experience even though the story is sub-par.
  16. While at its heart the game is still an arcade-based skateboarding simulation that challenges players to perform tricks for points, the emphasis is less on Tony Hawk and other pro skaters and more on, well, nobodies like us.
  17. Entertainment Weekly
    Offers subplots and jokes galore, and a nuevo-punk soundtrack with some hip-hop flair. [21 Nov 2003, p.L2T 46]
  18. The arsenal of moves has expanded substantially, the most obvious of them is that you can run around, climb rooftops and controlling vehicles. The latter is poorly executed and is hardly fun, because the cars physics aren’t exactly convincing.
  19. In short, just about everything that made the series cool to this point is back and better than ever. The whole experience isn't unlike eating a watermelon: you'll need to spit out a few seeds, but otherwise there's no cooler fruit.

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#37 Most Discussed GameCube Game of 2003
#34 Most Shared GameCube Game of 2003
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Generally favorable reviews- based on 24 Ratings

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  2. Negative: 0 out of 10
  1. NormanO.
    Apr 15, 2004
    It was damn good.
  2. DeanD.
    Feb 22, 2004
    Probably one of the best games ever made. If you have online it's even better! It's easily a 10 and online play makes it a ton Probably one of the best games ever made. If you have online it's even better! It's easily a 10 and online play makes it a ton better. My highest combo is 41 mill at this time but I'm getting better. Full Review »
  3. RyanM.
    Feb 20, 2004
    I really don't see what is so great about this game. The adventure is short, and easy. I do find the create a character good, but this I really don't see what is so great about this game. The adventure is short, and easy. I do find the create a character good, but this game It just doesn't have the spark that I got from other games, and though i bet everyone in the world is disagreeing with me, i believe this game is below average, and lacks the multiplayer I so desperately relied on. Full Review »