True Crime: Streets of LA GameCube


Generally favorable reviews - based on 29 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 20 out of 29
  2. Negative: 1 out of 29
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  1. The shooting control takes some getting used to, but stick with it and you’ll advance through a solid plot laced with a meaty hip-hop soundtrack, celebrity voices, and…drumroll…a playable Snoop Dogg! You’ll never need MapQuest in L.A. again.
  2. Offers a little something for everyone, from sweet gun fights to insane driving to killer fist fights. If you grow tired of missions, you won’t get bored by just driving around looking for crimes to solve.
  3. 90
    The consequences of your actions and nonactions are huge in True Crime and dramatically change your level of recklessness...It doesn't, nor should it, replace "Grand Theft Auto" by any means. True Crime has enough good to counter the bad and stand on its own.
  4. 90
    Striking a balance between cinematic, story-based gaming and free-roaming fun is harder than most people realize, and True Crime manages to pull it off in a way that brings excitement, challenge, and even a few laughs here and there (some of the voice work, particularly that of one Mr. Walken, is priceless).
  5. Overall, the gameplay in True Crime is spectacular.
  6. A fun, well-designed, innovative title, and if you've got a long, uninterrupted stretch of weekend in front of you, it's worth at least a rental.
  7. It’s unfortunate that the game is bogged down by a lot of glitches and flaws, but it is still an extremely entertaining title that is deep in every aspect.
  8. 85
    Too bad it's so short, but there's plenty to do in the city of L.A. once the story is over. This is the first game that treats the "GTA" model as inspiration rather than a quick ticket to the bank.
  9. It's a game that does a few things extremely well and a lot of things competently, but the fact that everything is so well integrated is probably the most impressive...It's fun and brilliantly produced, with plenty to do and see.
  10. The Karma system, the skill training mode and the branching storylines offered promise for what could’ve established the new standard for action titles. Unfortunately, graphical glitches, fighting issues and a breakdown with the plotline feature tarnish the game from truly being stellar.
  11. An extremely fun action game that manages to be a jack-of-all-trades without coming up short in any particular area. It lacks in depth and does have a number of technical issues, but it provides a few days of enjoyment that goes unmatched as far as cheap thrills go.
  12. Savvy gamers can also unlock Snoop Dogg as a playable character.
  13. This replication of LA suffers from some of the worst pop-up I've seen in a game. [Jan 2004, p.138]
  14. Nintendo Power
    Play control is top-notch and the voice acting, particularly that of Christopher Walken, is excellent. [Jan 2004, p.158]
  15. Despite gameplay bordering on being shallow, True Crime is still very worthwhile of your time because of the experience of brings. It’s a Hollywood cop movie where you’re in the driver’s seat, and it has the acting to back you up.
  16. 80
    You won't spend as much time with True Crime, but that time will be spent enjoying nicer visuals and a very deep story experience, as opposed to flipping cars across parking garages.
  17. It’s great to have so much in one game, but in the end you’ll play "Burnout 2" if you want to race and "Soul Calibur 2" if you want to fight, not True Crime.
  18. True Crime is, thankfully, not a total failure, although one does get the impression that with more development time and more polish to individual aspects (aside from the impressive driving sections), the game could’ve been a masterwork.
  19. Playboy
    What does this action game packed with guns, cars and crooks have that "Vice City" doesn't? The voice talent of Christopher Walken and Gary Oldman as characters, for one thing. [Oct 2003, p.37]
  20. The game tries to be everything for everyone by offering a great variety of gameplay styles, but doesn’t quite succeed at any of them. Each facet of the game has minor issues that hurt an otherwise enjoyable experience.
  21. Lacks polish and, in some cases, feels unfinished. It makes decent attempts with its different styles of gameplay, but none of them are particularly well done, and the game's storyline doesn't tie them together in a satisfying way.
  22. Electronic Gaming Monthly
    It's so-so styleless graphics fail to impress, and the whole thing's too short and easy. [Jan 2003, p.107]
  23. The gaming equivalent of buying a massive bag of crisps only to find that half the packet is filled with fresh air. There's still plenty to enjoy, but not nearly as much as there should be and you end up feeling a bit cheated.
  24. Edge Magazine
    As a place, Los Angeles simply isn't as much fun as Liberty or Vice. Too much of this silicon LA exists simply because the designers wanted to show that it could be done rather than because it serves any gameplay purpose. [Christmas 2003, p.107]
  25. The hand-to-hand combat is, despite a handful of unlockable combos, pure button-mashing chaos.
  26. Overall, the game play experience of True Crime is just ruined by the frustrating camera system.
  27. Maybe the problem is True Crime tries too hard to be all things to all people, and in the process, neglects to do anything especially well.
  28. Play Magazine
    Not even the irreplaceable voice acting of Christopher Walken can rescue the mess of a script driving the action of True Crime, a misguided attempt to share the spotlight with the vastly superior "Grand Theft Auto." [Jan 2004, p.62]
  29. games(TM)
    Half the game it should have been. Whoever came up with the inventive level structuring or spent months mapping LA has every reason to be furious with the lacklustre implementation of their ideas. [Christmas 2003, p.106]

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  1. Aug 13, 2015
    GTA clone? possibly but it had it's own vibe and style. Gun fughts were fun, dialogue was fun, it is a fun game. Great soundtrack with few butGTA clone? possibly but it had it's own vibe and style. Gun fughts were fun, dialogue was fun, it is a fun game. Great soundtrack with few but catchy songs and great graphics for it's time. Full Review »
  2. Sep 17, 2012
    Its a very fun game that is worth playing if you are a fan of the open world genre. Its almost as good as GTA 3. The great things about thisIts a very fun game that is worth playing if you are a fan of the open world genre. Its almost as good as GTA 3. The great things about this game include an excellent targeting system for precise shooting, a very accurate representation of L.A., nice graphics for 2003 standards, an occasional sense of humor, and a nice little story. There are even alternate endings for the game, which keep you playing longer. The not-so good things here include a few glitches, an occasional spike in difficulty, and not nearly as many missions as GTA 3. Overall though, you should enjoy it if you can get past a few technical issues. Full Review »
  3. RudyS.
    Jan 24, 2005
    This game is a dream for me. I have had game for almost a year but I only play the Snoop mode and drive around the city. I LOVE LA!