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  1. 90
    What makes it so effective and modern is the variety, quality and consistency in the game world. It truly is in the hands of the gamer which moves to use in any given situation, making Joe such an unusual and unique proposition. [JPN Import]
  2. One of the most handsome, inventive, and to be perfectly frank, cool beat-em-ups ever conceived. [Nov 2003, p.76]
  3. It's a timeless piece of quality gaming that, with the exception of its visual element, would probably work on any format, past or present.
  4. One of the very few games to masterfully merge artistic style with compelling substance in the wonderful visuals, brilliant combat system and great game concepts.
  5. It's a ridiculous name, of course, but it manages to sum up how absurdly joyful the game is, a riot of technicolour chopsocky fun that'll immediately have you punching the air in glee. [GamesMaster]
  6. Talk about a game that’s firing on all cylinders, Viewtiful Joe is one high-octane ride.
  7. Brings back the old-school 2D brawler style with plenty of innovation and plenty of depth to keep the most hardcore gamers jaws dropped for hours on end.
  8. It's an amalgamation of one-trick ponies (cel-shading, time bending, old school nostalgia tickling) to make a fulfilling, satisfying and jaw-dropping experience. Meet the new action game, better than the old action game.
  9. If there’s anything wrong with Viewtiful Joe, then there is one thing. Viewtiful Joe can be very, very hard. It’s unforgiving at the best of times and makes no qualms about it.
  10. Fusing the old-school of pinpoint control, simple, yet fun gameplay, and an excellent amount of challenge with a healthy dose of new-school flash, and coating the whole thing with one of the most eye-catching art styles in gaming to date, Viewtiful Joe is a much-needed refresher course in why games are made to begin with - to be tons of fun, an entertainment world no amount of popcorn blockbusters or cheap reality TV could hope to match.
  11. The animations are smooth, fast and fluid. And the backgrounds are filled with detail and colour to set the mood and tone for the level brilliantly.
  12. Capcom got this game right, and should be praised as one of the elite.
  13. The most unique looking graphics to come to any console.
  14. Such a riotous explosion of colour and astounding visuals tied to a brilliantly useable control system that there’s little in the videogame world (or anywhere else for that matter) that compares to the sensation of playing it. [Import]
  15. Joe's style is his substance. His story may amount to so much fluff, but the flimsy plot is only pretense for the near-perfect gameplay you'll find in this comic book come to life. [Nov 2003, p.192]
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  1. iguanaman
    Oct 19, 2007
    An intensly beautiful and innovative experience and a perfect example that console sidescrollers are far from dead.
  2. JoeV.
    Nov 3, 2003
    Buy it now, play it forever.
  3. AlexD.
    Oct 10, 2003
    The quintiessential videogame.