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  • Summary: The Virtua Striker series returns with 64 national football teams from around the world. Whether you play as France, Brazil, or Argentina, you can take your team to the final of the International Cup for a chance to win the trophy. On the road to the International Cup, you'll encounter more than 1,400 different players with their own stats and play in 13 stadiums. Virtua Striker 2002 also includes player edit and replay functions. Expand
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  1. Lightweight footie fans will love VS3 for its accessibility; footie nuts will love it for its attention to detail and near perfect gameplay.
  2. It's still far from reality, in that the ball is changing hands (or is that feet) literally every second...But it is fun. [June 2002, p.63]
  3. Poor control with one camera angle does not make a great game. You can have all the features in the world but if you don’t enjoy the gameplay then it was all for not.
  4. More of a self-running soccer simulator than a soccer game. The computer takes care of the majority of the controls.
  5. The close camera makes the game less of a sim in that passing is hit or miss. The AI tends to show hints of brilliance followed by complete idiocy.
  6. Breaks the cardinal rule of videogaming… it isn’t fun. And despite everything else, the graphics and franchise mode, the gameplay breaks the title.

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