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Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 31 out of 36
  2. Negative: 1 out of 36
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  1. I demand a sequel. You hear me Activision, I must have it. There are so many possible story lines and fresh villains to use. I would easily pay upwards of two-hundred dollars for a sequel.
  2. 92
    It is fast-paced, long, challenging, and beautiful to look at. The minor flaws with it are easily overlooked when one considers the whole package and realizes that this is probably the best X-Men game to appear on a console in the past ten years or so.
  3. 91
    Do you have a buddy that wants to play with ya, also? Simple and easy to get him in. You don't have to have him restart with a gimpy character. You can just have him plug in his controller and join in with you, then just unplug it when he is done. This rocked.
  4. This is, perhaps, the best videogame ever based upon a comic book. Combine that with the rich pallette of characters that are still untapped and it's no wonder that a sequel is already under way.
  5. The beat "em up is a genre that has quietly faded to the side and hasn't had many revolutions on the consoles in recent years. X-Men: Legends takes that style of gameplay, adds a ton of depth to it, four-player support and quite frankly is one of the best X-Men games I've ever played.
  6. RPGs and action games are delicious like ice cream, and X-Men: Legends managed to create a happy combination of the two.
  7. Game Informer
    With over 20 hours of gameplay, and one of the most enjoyable cooperative multiplayer experiences I've had, I couldn't recommend Legends more highly to fans and newbies alike. [Nov 2004, p.144]
  8. 90
    The thing that immediately struck me when playing the game was the amazing amount of minutiae that's been included for eagle-eyed fans.
  9. 90
    The best game set in the X-Men universe yet.
  10. 90
    Stellar cell-shaded graphics, excellent voice acting (with Patrick Stewart reprising his cinematic role as Professor X), and multiplayer mayhem that make Legends look and feel like the A-list game that it is.
  11. 89
    Its blend of great storytelling, great combat, and attention to environmental detail are enough for anyone to get hooked on.
  12. There are some AI issues, and the multiplayer component seems like it was tacked on as an afterthought, but, as a total package, Legends delivers. It is as true to the source material as any game could hope to be, and as a long-time fan of the X-Men, I am more than pleased.
  13. 84
    There are a few things that will annoy people, particularly the accidental suicides, but most of Legends is a joy. The story is good, very fitting for the X-Men universe, and every character but Cyclops is perfectly realized.
  14. A surprisingly natural, action-RPG that remains fun to play through during its length.
  15. Even with the technical snafus that sometimes plague Legends, this is still the best X-Men title ever produced. The Action/RPG elements are nicely integrated within an epic storyline with plenty of intrigue and a huge amount of gameplay that can take 20 hours or more to fully complete.
  16. What probably makes this game so interesting as an action game though is the ability to play up to four players cooperatively. Even better is how seamless they make this experience.
  17. Packs in a good number of different playable characters and great-looking graphics into an easy, but fairly lengthy adventure. It all combines to form a great action RPG with strong action and a well-told story.
  18. Nintendo Power
    A Marvel Comics fan's dream. [Dec 2004, p.144]
  19. Inadequate controls and chaotic 4 player co-op mode keep it from being a great game, but fans of the comics and movies should have plenty to be happy about.
  20. If you'd rather not bother with these RPG-style elements, the game nicely offers the option to have the points automatically placed, though you still have to access the character menu in order to do it.
  21. Not only one of the best X-Men games ever produced, it also brings the characters into a strong action-RPG structure that fits the team perfectly.
  22. The storyline is classic X-Men fare, and little details like characters' lines and dorm rooms (Colossus has an easel in his room, for example) really add a lot to the fan service.
  23. 80
    If an absolutely brilliant story, finely detailed characterization, and faultless attention to canonical detail are what you're after, then, X-Men Legends is not what you're looking for. If you want a good game, though, and an especially good game to play with a couch full of superhero fans, this is the game to get.
  24. A varied and entertaining romp through an involving storyline in the X-Men universe. Fans of the comics and films will find this well-done game a must-have.
  25. 80
    Legends is a compelling game for those who aren't fans of the license, but it's an absolute must-have for X-Men followers; the bigger the fan, the more you need this game.
  26. Single-player is fun, but the game truly shines with four people in the mix. It's a little easier, but there's still about 20 hours of co-operative campaigning to be had.
  27. Good for fans, but action-RPG gamers probably already have a better game in hand.
  28. Electronic Gaming Monthly
    Despite recycled levels, repetitive enemies, chaotic combat, and unbalanced characters, just controlling four X-Men and using their powers is usually enough to make up for Legends' flaws. [Holiday 2004, p.100]
  29. There are a few annoyances like bridges you can fall off a little too easily, the AI that's quite clumsy in places and the fact that it does get repetitive in the end. But you can't stay mad at a game that lets you chuck a complete jet ski at an opponent as Rogue or Colossus, admit it!
  30. I liked this game for its intensity, its strategy and the superpowers that the good guys you control -- the X-Men -- use to defeat the evil Brotherhood and save the world.
  31. Given a little patience, however, X-Men Legends will reward you with a good storyline and fun gameplay.
  32. The game does have quite an "old-school' feel to it that some may not like, but it's a definite foundation for the franchise to develop over time.
  33. Play Magazine
    There's no denying that the level of interaction in here is humbling. [Nov 2004, p.54]
  34. games(TM)
    It's far from perfect, but Marvel fans have been served well, and those who like their Gauntlet served with extra statistics will have a game they can place just behind the last Dark Alliance. [Dec 2004, p.109]
  35. 60
    The overhead camera feels constrained. We simply want an isometric view to get a better perspective.
  36. How is it possible to make a tedious game about the adventures of heroic mutants with super powers?

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  1. Nov 7, 2011
    It is fun to play as all of your favorite X-Men characters with 4 at a time. You fight many kinds of enemies and the fighting strategies youIt is fun to play as all of your favorite X-Men characters with 4 at a time. You fight many kinds of enemies and the fighting strategies you can use in this game are endless. Full Review »
  2. Geogre
    May 1, 2005
    It' a friging awesome game Rouge hot. I think Anna Paquin and Shawn Ashmore did a awsome job as playing Rouge and Icemen.
  3. JDub
    Dec 28, 2004
    This game is sick and there has to be a sequel.