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  • Summary: Fight in epic superhero showdowns against 24 of your favorite X-Men characters. In X-Men: The Next Dimension, a powerful enemy plots to rid the world of mutants, and only the X-Men can stop him. Choose from traditional or new X-Men--each with his or her own special fighting abilities and objects to interact with--and battle through destructible environments. Your mission to save the future will uncover secrets about your own past. Expand
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  1. Positive: 3 out of 17
  2. Negative: 3 out of 17
  1. Gameplay is solid, fun, and addictive. On the other hand, graphics-though they are fresh-could have been better.
  2. And XND succeeds to large extent, offering a control scheme that makes the fighting easy for beginners to get into the game, while offering enough finesse moves and fast action for fighting veterans.
  3. One of the biggest problems with this version is the controller. It will cause much frustration when you are in the heat of battle, if it wasn't for the shrunken d-pad and awkward placement of the buttons, this would have been much more enjoyable game.
  4. That there are better fighting games out there, and better uses of the X-Men license.
  5. Even the most ardent X-Men fans should probably just rent Next Dimension rather than buy it.
  6. Outside of some lethargic controls, there is definitely some fun to be had with this brawler.
  7. Besides a real lack of polish on the models and backgrounds in Dimension, it just feels mediocre when stacked against competition like "DOA," "Kakuto Chojin," and "MK Deadly Alliance." [Jan 2003, p.81]

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