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Mixed or average reviews - based on 31 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 2 out of 31
  2. Negative: 12 out of 31
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  1. The three main characters are very detailed and authentic to their film counterparts. Wolverine is bigger than the others; Ice Man retains that young look, while Nightcrawler looks as weird as usual. The animation is solid, as well.
  2. Some of his levels are filled with ridiculous amounts of enemies, and even though the levels appear to have multiple stages or sections, there isn't a checkpoint in sight. I love a challenge, but I hate mindless repetition.
  3. X-Men: The Official Game isn't a terrible game, but it's not any good, either. It managed to dip down below mediocre and into the realm of "Why bother?" It's short, uninteresting, and probably won't keep your attention based solely on the fighting, either. It's an odd mishmash that just doesn't work out the way it was supposed to.
  4. Nintendo Power
    Two-thirds of X-Men: The Official Game is pretty good. Two out of three ain't bad. [July 2006, p.91]
  5. Everything considered, the gameplay, the graphics, the dialog, the music, make X-Men: The Official Game an officially average game.
  6. Z-Axis tries to capture the intense, ethically-charged feel of the X-Men films, but ends up with an average brawler and little replay value.
  7. X-Men: The Official Game is another unfortunate example of a movie-licensed game endeavor that just doesn't execute.
  8. Nice graphics and smooth gameplay are no substitute for imagination.
  9. 59
    The combat and stage design are substandard in every way, enemy AI is ordinary coin-op fare, and the presentation elements are nowhere near the level we've come to expect from Marvel or Activision.
  10. It's not that it's entirely broken, mind you, but X-Men's missions are entirely generic and devoid of captivating content, and there are enough annoying little glitches and other obnoxious things prevalent throughout to give the game that thrown-together feel.
  11. Even the nonsensical story lines would be very easily tolerated if X-Men: The Official Game was any fun, but most of the time, it's not.
  12. One of the chief problems with X-Men lies in its mission structure. Branching paths are often a good thing, but when they are as disconnected to point where any semblance of an underlying plot is compromised at these are here, any benefit of such a feature is wasted.
  13. One of the most commonly know facts to all gamers everywhere is that movie-to-video-game translations are normally pretty bad. The sad thing is that overall, the trend is still continuing and has claimed its latest victim with X-Men: The Official Game.
  14. Only controlling three characters, no multiplayer of any kind, and reverting to basically a 3rd-person "beat 'em up" is not the way to take this franchise.
  15. The game's just chunky and sloppy all around, a real waste of a perfectly capable system. If you can buy any version, don't make it this one. Then just go check out the movie instead.
  16. AceGamez
    It's sad to say, but after playing this I spent a good few hours playing Wolverine's Revenge and having more fun in the process - and that game is over three years old!
  17. 50
    While the gameplay does have its high points (again, mostly surrounding Nightcrawler), it's also quite often littered with monotony thanks to seemingly nonexistent enemy A.I., confusion (poor level design), and frustration (glitches, a sometimes lack of checkpoints, and uneven challenges).
  18. 50
    The disappointment comes from the fact that it simply feels average. I left the game feeling like I wanted more, whether it was better visuals, more diverse game play, or simply a fresh helping of innovation.
  19. This caught-between-generations game manages to just barely clear graphical obstacles and shallow depth by introducing some simple, fun game mechanics.
  20. Game Informer
    Unless you despise the X-Men movies and simply want more ammo that can be used to insult your friends, I strongly advise that you avoid this game like you would a French kissing toad. [July 2006, p.104]
  21. 40
    Like many games of this style, there is some vague, half-guilty pleasure in the mechanical repetitiveness of the game's combat. But ultimately, X-Men is in the time-honored tradition of licensed games -- rushed, derivative, and well worth avoiding.
  22. 40
    Perhaps the worst offense of all would have to be Wolverine. Not only has Z-Axis managed to take everyone's favorite adamantium-infused Canadian wildman and turn him into possibly the most boring hero ever, they've pinned a sizable majority of the action upon playing as him. Boring, you say? Yes.
  23. As it is, X-Men: The Official Game is "officially" a horse's turd of an experience that's approximately as painful as Wolverine's claws inadvertently sliding out while he's wiping his arse.
  24. Electronic Gaming Monthly
    The play-style variety may be decent--and you get to upgrade abilities--but each character's level sets grow horribly repetitive and pointless, with stingy checkpoint placement compounding the frustration [July 2006, p.91]
  25. Nintendo Gamer
    This is substandard licensed tosh. [Aug 2006, p.67]
  26. Play Magazine
    X-Men: The Official Game is pretty awful. [July 2006, p.71]
  27. Edge Magazine
    Had The Official Game provided a consistent overall challenge, it would have been bearable, if unexciting. But it hasn't, and it isn't. [July 2006, p.88]
  28. games(TM)
    When accurately describing videogames, we tend to use the word 'dross' rarely, but this particular X-Men title has forced the word from us in a spectacular fashion. [July 2006, p.130]
  29. 30
    The idea of giving the player three fairly unique characters to play as is good one, but the game design verges on plain stupid at times.
  30. Almost everything about this movie cash-in is cheap and incompetent, from the short, forgettable levels to the poor control system to the hand-crampingly repetitive action.

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  1. May 27, 2016
    Strange title aside this game does scream movie-tie in. It is functional and will keep you entertained at times but there are plenty ofStrange title aside this game does scream movie-tie in. It is functional and will keep you entertained at times but there are plenty of problems that will frustrate the player. The game takes place in between the events of "X-Men United" and "The Last Stand" which attempts to fill in the gaps. Unfortunately the story felt incomplete which leaves more questions than answers. For some reason cutscenes are told in still images to mimic a motion comic but it looks lazy on the developer's part. Even though they are decently voice-acted the cut scenes have no real purpose outside of giving context to the game play. The story mode has three branching paths in which you can play as three members of the X-Men : Wolverine, Ice Man, and Nightcrawler, who each have their own play style. Wolverine's campaign plays like a typical specatcle fighter if the enemies are overly agressive and use ambush as an instant tactic. The best Spectacle fighters like Devil May Cry or God of War (personal feelings aside) have enemies that use different tactics and they gradually use smarter maneuvers to get the better of the player. This game doesn't really do that as all of the enemies use ambush as a given and can even hurt you when you are knocked down but you can't do the same for them. The only way to get past the hordes is to use your berserk mode but it is only able to be used for two attacks at a time which will give the enemies an unfair advantage. Wolverine does have a healing ability but it is too slow to keep up with the onslaught of the enemies. Ice Man's levels are the worst part of the game as he is entirely on rails. Ice Man moves himself with the same type of control scheme as a flying game (up makes you go down and vice versa). It is tolerable in a flying game as it is the standard but not when it is switched for the standard of an action game. because it causes nothing but frustration on the player's part. Night-crawler's segments are the only tolerable parts of the game with his acrobatics and his telportation. He specailaises in stealth which does make some exhilarating times for him. In fact I would be in favor with a whole game based on these mechanics. Aside from that though, this game is best left avoided as there are plenty of other superhero games that are worth your time. Full Review »
  2. EthanR.
    May 24, 2006
    A very boring game with really nothing to offer. In this game you can only play as 3 characters, wolverine, nightccrawler and ice man. A very boring game with really nothing to offer. In this game you can only play as 3 characters, wolverine, nightccrawler and ice man. Wolverine's levels are dreadful. With barely any moves you must stay in a room and defeat what seems like hundreds of enemies. Nightcrawler is the only reason i gave this game a 3. His levels are spectacular and unique and other then that nightcrawler is easy to use and the best of the bunch. Last is ice man, he has a few fun levels and some terrible levles. For one thing you barely use ice man in the game. His controls are okay. But using him gets very frustrating. Ovverall I say this is a below average game. Full Review »
  3. LuisA.
    May 17, 2006
    what a disapointing game, please dont waste your time and money on it, this is a discrace to the xbox360, and developers who make this crap what a disapointing game, please dont waste your time and money on it, this is a discrace to the xbox360, and developers who make this crap are stuffing up the Next-Gen concept for Microsoft. Althought let's be honest, it was expected its a movie, how good can it really be? Full Review »