Mixed or average reviews - based on 31 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 2 out of 31
  2. Negative: 12 out of 31
  1. Unless you despise the X-Men movies and simply want more ammo that can be used to insult your friends, I strongly advise that you avoid this game like you would a French kissing toad. [July 2006, p.104]
  2. 40
    Perhaps the worst offense of all would have to be Wolverine. Not only has Z-Axis managed to take everyone's favorite adamantium-infused Canadian wildman and turn him into possibly the most boring hero ever, they've pinned a sizable majority of the action upon playing as him. Boring, you say? Yes.
  3. This caught-between-generations game manages to just barely clear graphical obstacles and shallow depth by introducing some simple, fun game mechanics.
  4. Had The Official Game provided a consistent overall challenge, it would have been bearable, if unexciting. But it hasn't, and it isn't. [July 2006, p.88]
  5. When accurately describing videogames, we tend to use the word 'dross' rarely, but this particular X-Men title has forced the word from us in a spectacular fashion. [July 2006, p.130]
  6. X-Men: The Official Game is pretty awful. [July 2006, p.71]
  7. The play-style variety may be decent--and you get to upgrade abilities--but each character's level sets grow horribly repetitive and pointless, with stingy checkpoint placement compounding the frustration [July 2006, p.91]
  8. Like many games of this style, there is some vague, half-guilty pleasure in the mechanical repetitiveness of the game's combat. But ultimately, X-Men is in the time-honored tradition of licensed games -- rushed, derivative, and well worth avoiding.
  9. This is substandard licensed tosh. [Aug 2006, p.67]
  10. As it is, X-Men: The Official Game is "officially" a horse's turd of an experience that's approximately as painful as Wolverine's claws inadvertently sliding out while he's wiping his arse.
  11. Almost everything about this movie cash-in is cheap and incompetent, from the short, forgettable levels to the poor control system to the hand-crampingly repetitive action.
  12. 30
    The idea of giving the player three fairly unique characters to play as is good one, but the game design verges on plain stupid at times.
User Score

Generally unfavorable reviews- based on 4 Ratings

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  2. Negative: 1 out of 2
  1. EthanR.
    May 24, 2006
    A very boring game with really nothing to offer. In this game you can only play as 3 characters, wolverine, nightccrawler and ice man. Wolverine's levels are dreadful. With barely any moves you must stay in a room and defeat what seems like hundreds of enemies. Nightcrawler is the only reason i gave this game a 3. His levels are spectacular and unique and other then that nightcrawler is easy to use and the best of the bunch. Last is ice man, he has a few fun levels and some terrible levles. For one thing you barely use ice man in the game. His controls are okay. But using him gets very frustrating. Ovverall I say this is a below average game. Full Review »
  2. LuisA.
    May 17, 2006
    what a disapointing game, please dont waste your time and money on it, this is a discrace to the xbox360, and developers who make this crap are stuffing up the Next-Gen concept for Microsoft. Althought let's be honest, it was expected its a movie, how good can it really be? Full Review »