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  • Summary: Pull a few more Gs in the next installment of the Extreme-G series, XGRA: Extreme-G Racing Association. This futuristic racing game features all-new gameplay modes, features, weapons, bikes, controls, and unlockable content. Choose from unique characters on eight different teams and build your career through variable missions and storylines. Unlock new game modes, tracks, faster bikes, and character-enhancing cybernetic implants. Race in a variety of race tracks with destructible objects including bridges and spectators. Experience the future of racing. Expand
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  1. A fantastically frantic, competitive, addictive and exhilarating racer that manages to take the XG series to a whole new level.
  2. The top speed gameplay and accompanying effects that come with it are really impressive. The only real downside is that there isn’t enough depth in the gameplay.
  3. 75
    Tight, if heavy control, a seriously improved weapon system that makes for a lot of fun, and the insane tracks that XG fans have come to expect from the franchise. This is a bigger game -- more courses and a slightly expanded Season Mode, too.
  4. It's bigger and more ambitious than any of its predecessors, but XGRA is hindered by a few unfortunate technical and design issues.
  5. The game is pretty easy to run through due to the progression based on points rather than victories, and makes the game seem to get done with too quickly.
  6. XGRA isn't as impressive as "Extreme G 3" was when it first hit PS2 and Cube. The graphics look roughly the same, it plays similarly, and it has the same main drawback: not enough tracks. [Nov 2003, p.174]
  7. At first glance, with it's twisting, gravity-defying tracks and fluorescent visuals, XGRA might remind you of the recent "F-Zero GX." Upon further inspection it's actually slower, sometimes much slower, less colorful and a lot less interesting.

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