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  • Summary: In 007: Top Agent, you become a secret agent in the world of James Bond. Battle other players using the Wi-Fi online multiplayer and conquer evil villains in classic agent movie missions. Name your character, build up your skills and upgrade tons of high-tech items to customize your agent and reach for the higher ranks of the leaderboards. Casual action queue gameplay combined with RPG character building make this an easy game to pick up and a more difficult one to master. Will you be the Top Agent?

    Take part in classic missions taken straight from the James Bond movies.
    Currently includes:
    •The Spy Who Loved Me (featuring the villain Jaws)
    •Goldfinger (featuring the evil henchman Oddjob)
    •Live and Let Die
    •Die Another Day

    Level up and put skill points in specific areas to build your agent the way want.
    Focus on:

    Earn virtual cash by winning multiplayer challenges or defeating enemies in the Agent Missions. Purchase over 90+ cool hi-tech items taken from the Bond films to build up your agent and give them an edge over others.
    Some example items:
    •Bagpipe Machinegun
    •Scaramanga’s Golden Gun
    •Aftershave Flamethrower
    •Exploding Toothpaste
    •Garrote Watch
    •Gustav Grave’s Power Fist

    •Wi-Fi online multiplayer is the primary feature and most fun way to play
    •Add your friends to the Friend List for easy challenges
    •Find new opponents in the lobby and add them to your Friend List to face them again
    •Send Push Notifications (on 3.0 OS devices and above) to friends when you want to play them ,and Push Back when online
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  1. 40
    Top Agent looks like an up-scaled mobile game with lifeless player modes. At least the backdrops are faithful to the films. Pass.
  2. 20
    007: Top Agent is a boring and slow-paced strategy game that further soils the Bond video game legacy. Don't purchase it, not even for ninety-nine cents.