1 And Only 1 Clue Image
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  • Summary: PUZZLE

    This puzzle is about associating pictures to its corresponding tile combinations identified with 1 and only 1 clue - The exact color-match of the tiles that are on the game board as in the quiz box (in the bottom center)

    Only one picture is associated for any given color combination
    of the tiles (hence the name of the game.)


    Kids all ages - 11 to 111 years of age can play and enjoy this puzzle. Younger ones can enjoy the puzzle as well.


    Builds analytical and logical thinking skills.
    Improves concentration.
    With many colorful built-in themes, child learns (without even knowing) while having fun.
    Images supported with audio and text.
    Supports multiple languages.
    Supports two player mode using blue-tooth.
    Innumerable combination of puzzle makes it fun.
    Multiple levels of game for more challenge.


    Take the clue from the bottom center quiz box of the tile colors.
    Match (by tapping the picture) the same in the game board for the picture which has the exact same tile combination.
    Every wrong match gets a 10 seconds penalty (added to the time.)
    Beat your own best score (for the same theme and for the game.)
    Tap the AUTOPLAY button to better understand the puzzle.
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