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  • Summary: Oh no! The pirates are here to loot! Oh please help us!Your islands are under attack by a-thousand-and-one pirates. Defend your treasure from evil!Play on 12 different island and avert all of the waves of attacks.In this game you will find yourself up against blackships, ghostships, airships, submarines and many more.They all have just one goal, to loot your treasury.Build towers, hire a crew and buy some cannons.Build a tower.the type of tower determins the health of the tower:- Woodtower, cheap and easily beaten.- Bricktower, a good simple first tower.- Stonetower, a sturdy structure.- Steeltower, the cannonballs almost bounce of it.Hire a crew.The more guards you hire for your tower, the faster they will reload the cannons.Buy a cannon, or four.Think where to place your cannons before buying them. The better the location, the more shots you will have before the pirates reach your towers.And off course, one cannons is faster to reload than four of them!All levels are playable in easy and medium, or hard if you like it tough!.There are 3 saveslots, so 1001 Pirates can be played by more then one person. Expand
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