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  • Summary: Get ready to have fun, decode puzzles, & exercise your mind by adding & sliding to victory with this unique brain game! Download 10Plus, the addictingly engaging number counting puzzle blast, & discover how fun training your brain to count lighting quick can get!10Plus – The Brain Game is a fast paced counting adventure that’s as engrossing and entertaining as it is educational! With an emphasis on mathematics – and more specifically addition – the game presents players with a grid of numbers between 1 and 4, challenging them to add them up into sums of 10 as quickly and as many times as they can.Summing up individual numbers to a total of 10 – or 20, 30, 40, and beyond for that matter – is as easy as sliding a finger across them either vertically or horizontally. To keep things fun and fresh, the game throws a number of diverse bonus items into the mix as well!Think of 10Plus as a mobile mathematics gym accessible and intriguing enough to be enjoyed by everyone and educational enough to prove helpful to anyone. Novices and young kids just beginning to learn math can utilize the game as a learning tool to help them master the basics of addition.For older players – who have mastered counting – the name of the game is speed! Since 10Plus is integrated with Apple’s Game Center players are free to either compete against themselves for high scores, or against other players with similar rankings on either a local, national, or global level!With 10Plus – The Brain Game, brushing up on addition has never been more addicting, educational, or downright exhilarating!Features:• Exceptionally entertaining yet educational gameplay.• Unique number-grid puzzle action.• Intuitive and highly responsive slide-action controls.• Interactive Local, National, and Global leaderboards.• Convenience Help and “Chance” Options.• Engagingly cheerful game sound effects.• Fully animated game guide & tutorial.10Plus – The Brain Game is developed by Play Pie Games. Expand
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