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  • Summary: 123 Kids Fun Alphabet is designed for all children (ages 3 to 7) to start their adventure with the alphabet. It is also recommended for teachers. Each letter has been illustrated with four words, one of which is animated and enriched with a sound characteristic for a specific object. Just tap the first picture of each letter.The combination of letters with pictures and a readers’ recording is a very effective method to quickly and enjoyably learn the alphabet.The Application also includes three interactive games:' The goals of two are to memorize the knowledge acquired earlier. Your child points at letter or words read by the reader.' The third game is to teach the child to write letters by joining points on a special template.The Application is prepared in a way to allow your child to independently learn the alphabet without your assistance.The application is registered in the Game Center. Play quizzes and collect your points! The more quizzes you finish, the more points you get.Features: Very clear and easy-to-use application. Colourful animations and drawings. English lector. Educational games: quizzes. Interactive learning on how to write letters. Background music off/on option. NO ADVERTISING, NO InApp PURCHASES. -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-Become a fan of 123 Kids Fun Apps on Facebook:http://www.facebook.com/123KidsFunFollow us on Twitter:http://twitter.com/123KidsFunAppsVisit 123 Kids Fun Apps website:http://www.123kidsfun.com Expand
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