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  • Summary: It's 1948 and it's the dawn of a new era.The two leading super powers started a top secret war to control alien technology found on earth. Technology that if mastered will give human race a chance against a mysterious alien that threatens our freedom.Help us shape the new era, join the Dawn of Future !Check out the game trailer : http://youtu.be/CwA2D-tx7f8Main Features :- Free to Play!- 8 unique airplanes with different characteristics and 3d cockpits (and way more to come).- More than 100 items to upgrade your planes, including various kinds of devastating primary weapons, homing missiles, rockets, bombs, radars, upgrades and much more!- Customize your plane with liveries and colors!- Online dogfighting / co-op game with rpg structure.- More than 70 levels and ranks available.- 3 maps (2 included from the beginning, 1 to be unlocked, and many more to come).- Different game modes: Team dogfight (up to 4 players), Capture the Flag (up to 4 players), Bomb the Base (up to 4 players), Invasion Survival (Single player or CO-OP up to 2 players) (more will come).- Game Center support. Invite your friends, online or mixing friends and random players.- Many achievements to unlock!- Share your successes on Facebook and Twitter!- Dynamic match making based on levels.- 3d cockpit view mode with gyroscope (move your device and look everywhere!)- Graphic scalability: the game adjusts itself to run as smooth as possible on nearly all devices.- Much more… you’ll discover while playing - And even more will come,we are committed in expanding the gameplay and "game world" of 1948. So expect new items, planes, and especially game modes. Expand
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