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  • Summary: 1A2B is a classic number puzzle game, It takes only a little time to play, but it’s very addictive.

    When the game starts, it randomly generates 4 different numbers from number 0 to number 9. The 4 random numbers are what you need to figure out at end of the game. First you have to
    guess 4 numbers to start your supposition. After that there’s a hint for you to amend the first supposition. There are servel chances for you to amend your suppostion base on the hint till you find the right answer. If your suppostion shows right number and in the right position, you will gain an A. If your suppostion shows two right numbers in the wrong positions, you will gain two B.

    The random 4 figures: 9527
    Your suppose: 7593
    Hint: 1A2B (the “A” refers to “5”, and the “B” refers to “7” or “9”.)
    The "A" and "B" is HINT, Get 4 "A" to win the game.


    - Challenge Mode: Easy, Normal and Hard difficulty. steps and time limited, get more scores.
    - Free Mode: No any Limited, just enjoy it.
    - OpenFeint -
    - Scores: Challenge, Free Mode and Total scores on world wide.
    - Achievements: Some funny achievements waiting you unlock.

    Video: http://j.mp/trl1a2b
    Follow on Twitter @iceward
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