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  • Summary: x-mas Sale! 50% off! "2010 Mahjong is a good version of Rivers with layouts, backgrounds and tiles to unlock, feature that increases the game value making it more interesting than the plain solitaire itself." -------------------MobileTechReview.com 2010 Mahjong is a board game made up of Mahjong tiles.
    You can clear stages when all the tiles are eliminated by connecting a pair of tiles which have the same picture.
    Removable tiles are those connected by a straight line and a once or twice broken line.
    Irremovable tiles are those connected by a three times broken line and blocked by other tiles.


    - Proceeded to the higher degree of the difficulty which leads a user to learn the Mahjong.
    - Continuous updates of improved boards.
    - Various types of game modes such as “Original Mode” for a default game rule, “Seven Block Mode” eliminating numbers in order, “Survival Mode” that new tiles appear as time goes by.
    - Exciting features such as breaking new records, tiles and background rewards of various designs.

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