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  • Summary: 3.307.800 different variations in one single game... Not just 'a' game, but a game you will love from the first moment you play it. With over 3 million variations you wonder if you will ever see the same game in your life (that is: if you let the app select the themes for you by always playing a Random game).In 2tap3 Pro you tap trios. You will find that this is way more complex than tapping duo's (like you can do in ThreeTapTwoHD or in our Tap Suite). The game is loaded with functional animations to enhance the game experience. Luck hardly plays a role in this game, it is all about skill, quickness and strategy (most of all strategy).Game combinations are almost endless. There are 150 themes, and each theme contains 20 unique variations of that theme. Each of the symbols is hand-designed by a graphics specialist with a keen eye for the iPad screen resolution. And without any reservation we can assure you it looks stunningly good.Once the game starts you have to tap trios (three identical graphical symbols). The Basic and Challenge games present 21 trios in 63 tiles. In Pro you even have 40 trios in 120 tiles. All you have to do is select the same tiles (three of each: the trio) by tapping them. If you mastered the Basic game, you can switch to more complex variations. This app is not just a 'tap three tiles', it is a unique game and you will not regret the purchase. The app learns from you: it will adjust gametime to your personal tapping speed.There are no in-app purchases, no ads. 2tap3 Pro does not ask for your location, it does not push messages. It is an app that purely concentrates on the game itself. 2tap3 Pro is connected to the Game Center (so you need 3G or WIFI). Just hit the 'Pro Tappers'-button and see where you stand. Can you make it to the number one position of each leaderboard?ps. Not to brag, but to our humble opinion it is a beautiful app. We are extremely proud of it. Expand
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