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  • Summary: Experience a brand new rally racing game from 2XL, “2XL TROPHYLITE Rally”.

    Once again raising the graphics quality you should expect on your iPhone and iPod. Learn how to power?slide around corners and through hairpin turns with an original physics simulation you have yet to
    experience! You can also win Real Rewards including real-world discounts, prizes, and more! KEY FEATURES * 15 different races including Circuits, Rallies, and Stages * Offroad desert racing * Massive career mode and achievement system * 2 player Wi-Fi and Bluetooth multiplayer * Choose from 31 different TROPHYLITE trucks * Auto-gas and invisible controls feature * 1st and 3rd person camera views * 5 preset control schemes including Responsive Tilt Steering * Easy to pick up and play with innovative Steer Assist * Adjustable level of difficulty * View profile statistics, leader boards and join the community at live.2xlgames.com DESERT RACING Race in the scenic deserts of the Southwest. CIRCUIT RACES Lap based race courses that are 2-4 miles long. RALLY RACES Full rally tracks that are 6-8 miles long. STAGED RACES Race a single stage of the rally course for a quick fix of the hectic TROPHYLITE offroad racing experience. CAREER The league system guides you through events in the TROPHYLITE career where you can become world champion! MULTIPLAYER RACING The most intense mobile head-to-head experience created to date. Race other players over your local Wi-Fi network and Bluetooth. ACHIEVEMENTS The achievement system challenges you to unlock 100% of the skill-based goals in the game. Compare your trophies with your friends online. REAL REWARDS Sign-up for Real Rewards, and compete to win real-world discounts, prizes, and more! Check out YourRealRewards.com for current promotions. VEHICLE UPGRADES Earn Real Rewards and achievements to improve your truck's performance. 2XL LIVE STATISTICS & LEADERBOARDS See how you stack up against the competition in your quest to be the fastest on four wheels. Sign up for a free 2XL Live account and all your game statistics will be viewable at YourRealRewards.com. Collapse
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  1. Feb 3, 2011
    2XL continues to impress gamers with the visuals in TROPHYLITE Rally, but despite its realism there's not enough challenging split-second chasing moments to keep coming back to.
  2. Feb 3, 2011
    While it's controls and visuals are definite scene-stealers, Trophylite is kept from greatness by an assortment of niggling flaws.
  3. Mar 6, 2011
    While we loved the tight handling of the vehicles and the track designs, there was simply no competition to speak of, turning what could have been a fierce battle for first into a Sunday drive.
  4. Feb 3, 2011
    2XL Games is great about the graphics, but still needs to improve gameplay wise; Trophylite Rally is a beautiful, but ultimately boring and generic racing game.
  5. Feb 3, 2011
    Best described as The Desert Megan Fox, 2XL TrophyLite Rally looks beautiful, handles well, but lacks variation, challenge and depth.