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  • Summary: 3d chess Classics is completely based on the development of advanced and professional-strength 3D game engine, which organically integrates the realistic three-dimensional scene, piece models, and piece movements into this game.

    All chess rules are implemented and followed along with many
    features expected of a professional chess game, freely rotating board, gorgeous graphics, realistic sound performance, human-like artificial intelligence, automatic save function, 5 difficulty levels, friendly operator interface and much more features.

    Tested Compared with other iPhone chess games, 3d chess classics has the more powerful and by far strongest AI engine on iPhone! Develop your strategic skills and train your brain, as you transform your iPhone or iPod Touch into a 3d chess classics battlefield.

    All in all, 3d chess classics is the ideal simulated chess game for players at any level. It is absolutely worthy of your choice.

    Have fun! You deserve it!

    Board can rotate freely
    Board style can be chosen
    Switch piece colors
    Easy to undo moves
    Legal move of highlight
    Hint function
    Automatic save if you exit or take a call
    Human-like artificial intelligence
    Fast-paced AI
    Built-in chess clock
    5 Difficulty levels
    Realistic sound performance
    Clarion hints check
    Image hint for the check and checkmate
    Intuitive controls
    Tap-tap to move pieces
    Double tap carve characters "3d chess" to menu
    Play games on your device anytime
    Against friends in 2-player mode: Hot Seat (no network connection required)
    Gorgeous graphics
    Friendly operator interface
    Cool gaming interface

    √ NOTE:
    Below there is a step by step tutorial guiding you how to use the customized background music function of 3d chess classics:
    1)Start your iPod application(in your iPhone or iPod Touch);
    2)Choose your preferred song and play it;
    3)Click your Home Button;
    4)Start 3d chess classics;

    √ SUPPORT:
    If you have any further questions, comments or suggestions, please email to support@orientmaple.com
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