3D CUBE PUZZLE 4in1 HD! Image
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  • Summary: The most awesome and exciting 4-in-1cube game! Let your dream come true! Unique virtual effect on iPad!!

    This is, by far, a unique cube puzzle on iTunes store, because we provide you with 4 different cube modes! Remind you all the good memories in your childhood! Make your kids happy!
    It’s good for everyone! Just Relax and have fun! Fox example, when you choose “Cute” theme for your game, you can enjoy wonderful music while playing. It’s so beautiful! Works just like a dream! We designed this game in order to help you better relax yourself and have more fun! ?8 Themes included: ?Old players: Classics /Red Dice /Dice ?Kids: Cute /Pet/Icecream ?Gentlemen: LC/Poker ?more than 20 wallpapers: Category: ?Universe ?Color ?Figure ?Landscape ?Cartoon ?4 modes: ?Light spots The most relaxing cube puzzle ever! Find the lightspots in a limited time! Who is the first? Compete with your friends! Who will be the first? ?Memory The most classics cube puzzle ever! Exercise your memory! Cube makes the game more complex and challenging! ?Free: No time limits,no tricks! It depends on you! Just play it freely! ?Master The most amazing cube puzzle! Be a cube master immediately! Solve all the puzzles easily! Do wonders yourself! You'll feel as if you were participating. Each theme has its own BGM. Perfect app for everyone!!! Expand
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