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  • Summary: INSANE SALE!!! BUY NOW FOR 50% OFF IT'S REGULAR PRICE!!! 6 AWESOME games for the price of 1! These are all FULL versions. These popular games have sold thousands at regular prices now they are on sale for one low price. 2on2 Soccer - high action soccer game. Play from 1 to 4 players. Asteroid strike - 3D space shooter. Musical Fireworks - 3D fireworks you control. Generate fireworks to the built in songs or to your own music. Bungee Boy - a unique 3D swinging game. Smash - Breakout style game with some new twists. Includes a level editor. Blingy - Bubble bursitng game requiring some interesting strategy. 2ON2 SOCCER: Here it is! A 4 player soccer game! Play 2on2 or 1on1, up to 4 simultaneous players. Also single player versus computer mode, with two difficulty levels. Enjoy the 3D graphics, fast action, and incredible gameplay. Try to score a goal on a scrolling soccer field as you face your opponent's attack. First to 10 wins. ASTEROID STRIKE: Asteroid Strike is the most advanced 3D space action game on the iPhone/iPod Touch. It uses realtime dynamic lighting and high quality particle explosions. Battle through increasingly difficult levels of play while blasting asteroids and occasional alien ships. Compete against the whole world with global highscores. Select from multiple ships with different performance and weapons settings. Features: - Realtime lighting - Accelerometer controls - Multiple ships - Worldwide highscores - Beautiful particle effects - Intense action - Multi levels - Alien ships MUSICAL FIREWORKS: Check out a trailer at http://webgames3d.com/MusicalFireworks.mov Create you own fireworks show with interactive taps and music. As the music plays, tap along on the screen and watch beautifully rendered fireworks appear wherever you tap. Tap to the built in songs, or to your own iPod library. In order to activate your own background music, start you song before running the app. BUNGEE BOY: Have fun swinging Bungee Boy from building to building while trying to get points by popping balloons. Simply tap a building to create a new bungee. Stay clear of the fire rings as you're swinging and flying through the city. If you survive long, and acquire enough points you will receive bronze, silver, and finally gold medals. FEATURES: • 4 difficulty modes. • Rag-doll physics. • 3D graphics. • Unlimited gameplay (no time limits). SMASH: Check out a trailer and more info at http://webgames3d.com/Smash.html Smash your way through 30 levels, each with unique highscores. Includes many exciting gadgets like Crazy Ball, G-Mode, Instant Death, and more. You'll have many hours of fun, mastering each level. You can also totally customize your own level with infinite brick layout combos. **Features** - Play your own iPod music. - 30 levels. - Create your own level. - Many power boosters. - 3D graphics. - Great sound effects. BLINGY: Blingy has finally come to the iPhone. It is a popular, bubble bursting game that is being played by thousands daily at WebGames3D.com. It has been a top 50 widget for almost a year. Features: - Worldwide highscores. - Accelerometer assisted action. - Visually beautiful. - Highly addictive. - 3D graphics. Watch for new games coming to this pack. Expand
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