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3D Glow Doodle Image
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  • Summary: 3D Glow Doodle allows you to draw in the 3D virtual space with light glow effect. Press the "Glow" button to light up your drawing and prepare to get amazed when you swing the light rays across the entire screen!

    What's more, the Glow Effect has been carefully tuned for 3D
    viewing experience, especially when the light beams are viewed in perspective.

    Get quality glow effect from the creators of the renowned iOS App "Glow Doodle".

    * Spectacular 3D Light Glow Effect
    * Rotate and move light rays in 3D space
    * Save drawing to Photo Albums to share or for use as wallpaper
    * Auto-hiding toolbar (auto-hide while drawing)
    * Erase the previous stroke (by pressing the counter-clockwise arrow button)

    * Tap on the color dots to switch to doodle mode
    * Tap the "Glow" button or the "Teapot" to switch to 3D interactive mode
    * Drag with two fingers to pan
    * Drag with single finger to rotate
    * Use the vertical slider to zoom in/out

    * Double tap to restore view angle
    * The "Teapot" helps identify your current view angle
    * The horizontal line on the teapot helps identify the current zooming depth
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