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  • Summary: The First Rc Heli Simulator on your iPhone!This is really a REVOLUTIONARY game, the FIRST of this tipe.click the link or search on youtube Rc Heli Simulator: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qtBIXH57TOk&feature=youtu.beThis is not only a game, because permit to you to learn how to do 3D Flight (a very aggressive acrobatic flight) with an Rc Helicopter.The revolution is based on a sensor fusion between the Gyroscope and the Accelerometer that thanks to a complex filter permit to the grass and the sky to stay always allineate to the real heart.In less word for do a Loop with the helicopter you have to rotate the iPhone of 360 degrees.You can choose between several models, TRex 700 N, Logo 600, Gaui X5, Gaui X7 and much more will added soon.This App contain 2 mode of flight, Simulator and Game.The Simulator permit you to learn the most beautiful 3D Manouvre like:LOOPING, INVERTED FLIGHT, CUT THE GRASS, TAIL SLIDE, BACKWARD LOOP, TIC-TOC, SQUARE, FLIP, AND MUCH MORE!.In also in Game mode you have to make more point that you can and for do this you have to cut the grass, the birds, and the bush with the blade in inverted flight.In fact you can cut grass, bush, birds and more!A Perfect App for who is a 3D Pilot and who isn't but it would become.A Revolutionary game that will gave you hour's of fun for few buck's!Enjoy! Expand
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